Alvaro filed a criminal complaint against the movements seized in the small position

Municipal cameras recorded several people walking with boxes, this morning September 24 at 700.

Quartermaster German Alvarocandidate for vice-governor (Juntos por el Cambio), denounced before justice that the municipal cameras had captured the movements of people who entered and left the city center building with boxes during the early hours of the morning, in the hours before the start of the provincial elections.

The complaint was submitted to the Early Decision Financial Unit for the alleged crime “against the economic and financial system”. In addition, the mayor attached photos and videos.

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According to Alvaro, starting at three o’clock this morning “a large number of people began to attend the neighboring building of Banco Macro on Calle 24 of September 719, who entered and left with large chests, envelopes, sacks, sacks full.”

The complaint adds that there is no justification for Sunday’s general elections, as this movement is in the aforementioned place, where a number of unidentified persons entered with papers and envelopes, and left with full bags, boxes, and bags. That this institution is located 80 meters from the Rivadavia school where people vote.

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In his complaint, the mayor emphasized that “several units belonging to Banco Macro SA and Administradora Fiduciaria ARS Sa, whose owner is Salas Martín Miguel, and other well-known local financiers must explain what these people were doing at the time, that day who entered with papers and forms and came out with bags and large envelopes and sacks full of cash supposedly to be used for the purchase of the wills.”

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