Alert in the United States to a strange tropical disease that has already caused two deaths

This is the first time that the disease has been discovered and it is believed to have its origin in the United States itself. File photo (Photo: Reuters)

the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States sounding alarms about a a rare disease which seems to be only thriving Tropical Climates, especially in the south Asia and north Australia, which has already been discovered in Several cases, even fatal, in the country.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Two people died and two others were injured, but they recovered With melasma, a disease that was not previously discovered in the United States.

Melasma has been detected in patients GeorgiaAnd kansasAnd Texas NS MinnesotaLiveScience reported. The only other known cases of shingles in the United States were in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico in the Caribbean, That is, outside the country’s ground platform.

None of the four patients claimed to be infected I travelled out of the country before getting sick between March and July of this year.

Center for Disease Control “You believe the most likely cause is an imported product (such as food, drink, personal care products, cleaning products, or medicines) or an ingredient in one of these types of products,” According to the statement issued Monday.

Researchers took more than 100 samples From soil, water and common products used in and around each patient’s home to discover the link between the four conditions, But so far they have not found a common source. However, bacterial genome sequencing has revealed that It is possible that all four cases are related in some way.

Intensive care room during the Covid pandemic (Photo EFE)
Intensive care room during the Covid pandemic (Photo EFE)

About 12 cases of meeloidosis are observed each year in Americans, and nearly all of them can be attributed to travel. This is the first time that doctors have seen the disease appear to originate in the United States.

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Melasma is caused by bacteria Burkholderia pseudomallei It may take several weeks to appear after exposure to the pathogen. Symptoms include cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, intermittent fever, and rash on the body.

Risk factors for disease development include diabetic, illness liver NS renal, illness chronic lungAnd cancer or any other debilitating condition immune system.

One of the known cases of leukorrhea, involving a 4-year-old girl, was recently published in Texas. Preschooler Lily Baker had no known risk factors for developing the disease when she fell ill in May. Laila spent a month in the intensive care unit at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, where she needed a ventilator and eventually suffered brain damage.According to the Dallas Morning News.

A typical healthy girl was about to start pre-kindergarten in the fall, with no prior underlying health issues. I don’t want to say anything”Ashley Keennon, the boy’s aunt, told the newspaper.

“So it was definitely a big surprise for everyone who doesn’t know where they come from. [las bacterias]”, added.

Lily is recovering at our children’s home in Dallas. The CDC urges doctors to be aware of the symptoms of melasma No matter where your patients travel.

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