‘Ages like battery acid’, fans experience Halo 3 after 14 years of buying it

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Hello It is one of the biggest franchises in the gaming world. Each of its releases looks like an event of global significance, but if there is an event it can be said to be the king of this event Halo 3. This launch was so hype that they brought drinks to celebrate it. Many took these bottles as collectibles, but after 14 years they decided to open them to celebrate the premiere infinite aura.

We are talking about the Halo 3 Game Fuel drink launched by Mountan Dew in 2007. It is an energy drink that has been sold for several months and has become a highly collectible product. Reason? Their boxes contain special designs for Master Chief and other important items from Halo 3.

To this day, they are still a highly sought after item among fans Hello. Our proof is that a can of Halo 3 Game Fuel energy drink on eBay retails for up to $80. That’s right: The energy drink sells for more than it currently costs the first-run AAA version.

You will have to pay for the taste of Master Chief

Fans think it’s time to unlock Game Fuel Halo 3

Many people keep Halo 3 fuel in cans or bottles that they keep at home. Now with the release of infinite aura On the horizon, some thought it was a good time to open the bottle and taste its contents. While this is something that sounds unhealthy, it is also a way to create content and in the process get rid of something that would be considered rubbish were it not for the great design of the bottle.

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One of the people who did was Roserrock, a YouTuber who bought a bottle of Halo 3 Game Fuel, opened it up and tasted it. Before taking his first sip, he served it in a glass to reveal a color reminiscent of an orange soda and thanks to this he discovered that it had a peculiar smell that he could not describe as good or bad.

But what does it taste like? This YouTuber’s criticism was not very encouraging. While he didn’t find it bad enough to avoid passing it to his stomach, he thought it tasted “stale” and that soft drinks were as old as “battery acid” rather than fine wine. Hopefully a 14-year-old’s glass of soda won’t cause health problems for Roserrock.

in other news

In the past we have seen other creators upload similar videos. Some had more positive comments about this ancient drink, while others weren’t brave enough to try it.

What do you think of this new? Do you open your drinks from Halo 3 If you have them? Tell us in the comments.

infinite aura In development for Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC. We remind you that its release date is December 8th. You can learn more about the much awaited FPS from 343 Industries If you click here.

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