AFIP intimidated 2,500 Argentines into not disclosing their offshore bank accounts

At least 2,500 Argentines were intimidated into not disclosing bank accounts they had outside the country. In a new attack by the Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP), the collection agency has notified taxpayers with assets outside Argentina and They did not report their possessions on their personal belongings or their income tax returns.

It is about information Corresponding to fiscal year 2018. In the inspection missions, a world of taxpayers is revealed Showed differences in reported financial holdings in an affidavit of personal assets in connection with what was previously reported; or for payments resulting from said assets in the income tax return.

“The data was crossed between those who did not file earnings and personal assets and those with offshore accounts from 2018 to 2021, so it was reduced as much as possible. They are asked to correct, and if not, they fall into a “normal” rank.“,” they explained behind closed doors.

Identifying bank accounts is made possible by exploit information from more than 100 countries, Argentina maintains an automatic exchange of information relating to financial accounts (CRS, for its English acronym) that occurs once a year. Among them, Uruguay, Switzerland and Luxembourg stand out.

However, the United States is not part of the list. This is one of the big issues pending for the government, as they appreciate it There is at least $100 billion in unauthorized funds Before the Treasury, refugees in that country’s bank accounts.

During his tour in Washington, Sergio Massa tried to get AFIP and the United States Treasury to come to an agreement to share information automatically, Rather, they assert that they are in “advanced states” in the negotiations.

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“Your authorities should not be so happy, somehow, The financial system of the United States acts as a financial hideout for those who are tax-deserving in Argentina‘, considered the Minister of Economy upon his return.

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