Adele dazzles in the full denim look of the jeans she wears at the waist with a bullfighter jacket you’ll want to wear in spring to dazzle her

Adele He followed his own instincts when composing, without being carried away by fashion or trends. And this is precisely what has attracted millions of fans around the world, its originality and all the emotions it conveys in every single of her commissioned songs.

With topics like Chasing the sidewalks s Hometown glory He became well known in the British music scene, and belonged to his debut album, Simply 19How old was he at that time. Then his album will arrive 21, With songs that will fill all his global audiences with energy and euphoria rolling in the DeepAnd melancholy like someone like You.

How Adele’s career rose

Then the whole world fell at his feet with his record 25Released in 2015, it is the latest to date, loaded with premium themes such as Hi s When we are where young, Two of them are still being listened to frantically by fans while they wait for the new album the artist is working on, but a release date has not yet been set.


Although it is true that Adele has maintained the same style and musical line in her three studio albums, a completely new and different style can be expected close to the one the singer used for her fans. Why? Because the artist has already confirmed that she is the owner of her life and her music, and just as she completely changed her looks between 2019 and 2020, she could have done the same with the music of her new production.

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Adele’s appearance has transformed in recent years

While fans are eagerly waiting for his new songs, his followers have so far been able to view his songs new clothes 32-year-old British singer and mother of one son. She went from wearing classic and simple maxi dresses, usually black and red wine, to wearing more modern clothes that enhanced her natural beauty and youth.

Like this short black dress with high neck and loose-fitting sleeves in which she showed off her new silhouette on her last birthday, as she also took the opportunity to thank the work and effort of all the medical staff working in the UK, country of origin.

But at the end of 2020, Adele showed a more relaxed side of herself, as she wore more casual clothes and denim was the star of her look. At rehearsals before participating in the show Saturday Night LiveThe artist was elegant and elegant in a set Mom jeans With a maxi jeans jacket, complement her look with wine red leather ankle boots.

In fact, in one of the sketches of the famous show, she featured retro jeans that you can totally imitate today, for a unique style in spring. Adele flaunted in well-worn jeans at the waist, along with a bodycon jacket adorned with silver diamonds.

Simplicity of Adele above all

However, besides the glamor of television, red carpets, and concerts, Adele has emphasized that she is a simple woman And he doesn’t mind showing himself naturally. In June 2020, when the epidemic had already spread in the UK, he complied with the recommendations of the authorities and remained at home in confinement, showing himself in pajamas and without makeup, making his followers even more loving, who never ceased to exist. Aware of his idol despite his musical absence for the past five years.

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