Adele celebrates 10 years since the song Skyfall that made James Bond cry

Born in the UK, Adele came to this world to captivate everyone with her beautiful voice and musical themes, so it’s no surprise that many people say they cried with her songs, no matter what.

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However, many were shocked some time ago when they saw that Craig David, the translator of the 23rd James Bond movie, admitted that he screamed with Skyfall, a theme that premiered on October 5, 2012, exactly 10 years ago. The same was also chosen as the main theme of this production and won many awards such as Oscar, Golden Globe, Brit Award and others.

It should be noted that at the same time Adele was in one of her best moments, enjoying the success of her second album “21”, when the same executives at Sony Picture mentioned the singer and asked that she be the one who was responsible for performing the main theme of the movie “007”. .

And it’s no secret that the sound of the British has a very special touch that tends to instantly appeal to a whole audience, as well as somehow remember the “Shirley Bassey classics.”

Similarly, the video has so far garnered more than 500 million views on his YouTube channel, making it among the most listened to in a decade.

On the other hand, his fans were also surprised to see how time passed so quickly, and he took a minute to express how they felt from the first moment they heard the song.

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“I can’t believe it’s been so long. This song is a masterpiece.”

“Go down in history, and to this day we shiver.”

“A great song and movie, but how can 10 years really be?”

Forever special memories.

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