Two Brothers Face a Million Dollar Business: The Story Behind Kellogg’s Pills

American Kellogg’s is one of the giant companies in the breakfast cereal business With a sales volume of over 14,000 million US dollars. For more than 100 years, they have been headquartered in Battle Creek, a small town in Michigan. Right The Kellogg brothers created their first product and also disputed over the last name.

John Preston Kellogg was one of the founding fathers of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Part of their belief focused on both spiritual and physical purity, so they were very concerned with everything to do with health. For this, John HarveyOne of his sons decided to study medicine and was later chosen to be Director of the church-built sanatorium in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Dr. John Harvey Kellogg was one of the pioneers in the breakfast cereal business.

According to the book “The Religion of Biological Life” by Dr. Brian Wilson, John Harvey Kellogg transferred the Adventist religion into his techniques for treating patients in the clinic. In particular, this Comes to relieve stomach and digestion problems. Dr. Kellogg believes that eating meat and dairy has not helped achieve this goal of “purity” so he is Promote a plant-based, grain-based, plant-based diet. This will cause you to experiment with different foods.

Kellogg’s diet

Kellogg ran several tests, particularly with wheat, and began making zwieback, a type of toast that sanatorium inmates had not fully enjoyed. Then he decided to grind this product with other grains thus He created a mixture called “granola” in 1877. at that moment, younger brother Willwho had an entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen, He saw an opportunity to mass-produce it.

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Until then, the grain had to be cooked for a long time to be consumed, so the brothers began looking for a technique to make it easier. After achieving it with granola then they tried to give it a spin. They tried to cook it and then rolled the wheat into a metal drum. This process created some flakes that resulted from brief cooking in the oven The chips we know today.

Will Kellogg founded the company we know today as Kellogg’s in 1906.

However, this creation gave rise to fight between kelloggs. John Harvey believed that they had made a huge contribution to humanity, while Will believed that this product could become a big business. The youngest of them decided to create a file Battle Creek Toast Corn Flake Company 1906 To sell these chips under his last name as a trademark.

But that was not all. Replace wheat with corn to make it cheaper and tastier, adding salt and sugar to it for some products. His older brother did not agree, so he created his own brand, which was also called Kellogg’s. This started A decade-long legal battle between the two, as described in The Kellogg’s: The Battling Brothers of Battle Creek by Howard Markle. In 1920, the Michigan Supreme Court agreed with Will, who was given the go-ahead to use his title as a trademark.

Tony the Tiger, the visible face of Zocaritas, first appeared in the 1950s.

By that time, the company had already landed in Canada and launched products like Bran Flakes, a high-fiber cereal. Only in the 1950s did they introduce a group of pets that would become popular, such as Tony the Tiger (1952) for Sugar Frosted Flakes and Cornelius the Rooster. Then, in 1963, Froot Loops toucans were added.

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Over the past decade, the company has embarked on an acquisition drive to expand its business portfolio. In 2012 it bought the Pringles brand of stacked potatoes, four years later it bought the Brazilian biscuit company Parati, and a year later it did the same with the American bar food company RXBAR.

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