A possible meteorite has hit a home in the United States

This photo provided by the Hopewell Township Police Department shows a metallic object believed to be a meteorite. (Hopewell Township Police Department via AP)

A metallic object believed to be a A meteorite opened a hole in the roof of a house In central New Jersey this week, he hit a hardwood floor and bounced around a room. The family that owns the house discovered a black rock the size of a potato in the corner, still warm.

Police in the town of Hopewell, north of the state capital, Trenton, said no one was injured and there was no significant damage to the residence. Police said the object measured about 4 by 6 inches (10 by 15 cm) and weighed about four pounds (1.8 kg).

Susie Cobb, whose family owns the house, said they first thought someone had thrown a rock into an upstairs room on Monday, but soon realized that was not the case. The family plans to meet A.J Astrophysicist Which will study the object further.

The family that owns the home discovered the potato-sized black rock in a corner, still warm. (Hopewell Township Police Department via AP)

“We think it was a meteorite, it passed through here, it hit the ground here because it was totally damaged, it bounced into this part of the roof and then finally came to rest on the ground,” Cobb said. KYW-TV in Philly. “I touched the thing because he thought it was a random rock, I don’t know, and it was hot.”

Cobb said Hazardous materials officials They went to his house to check with his family, in case they had been exposed to some kind of radioactive material, but all those controls were negative.

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(with information from the AP)

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