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This phenomenon is better known as the transient light effect, and by its English acronym, it is also known as ELVE, which literally translates as “light emission and very low frequency perturbations” and is named so because it is an electrical event. A short period and appears in the upper layers of the atmosphere above the large storms that occur at that time. These kinds of phenomena are generally invisible to the human eye without some special equipment, and only appear at night, as mentioned before World Meteorological Organization.

Cameraman Walter Binotto, who was at that time in the village of Posagno in the foothills of the Italian Alps, mentioned that he had set up such an exhibition, and shared with him that he needed to use a certain technique and equipment to capture this mysterious red ring, and also adds that it is very difficult to photograph it with standard cameras, since the light The emission is very faint. To capture this amazing image, a video was recorded at 25 frames per second with a special lens.

ELVE is part of an extensive list of classes in terms of the electromagnetic spectrum, and this one is the most massive and rarely observed. In order to appreciate one of these atmospheric changes, one would have to be considerably farther away from the storm generating it. These spectra were first captured in 1990 by a space shuttle camera.

The event occurred on March 27th and was reported by people specializing in this, although its duration was very short. Contrary to what many might think upon seeing this kind of news, this is a rare occurrence and has nothing to do with aliens, rather it is a light emanating from the electromagnetic pulses that come from lightning. It collides with part of the Earth’s atmosphere.

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It is very likely that this specific phenomenon originated at least 100 km from the Earth’s surface. This reddish path of light occurs when charged particles, for example, electrons, bond with the nitrogen atoms to which they are attached. This accounts for most of the atmosphere.

To understand the dimensions of this type of disturbance, it should be noted that lightning usually has a current between 10 and 30 kA, which is the unit of measure for electrical density. Having said that, it should be noted that this particular download had to be at least 10 times more powerful than the standard one, as shown by third.

The lives of these halos of light are usually short-lived, which is why they are generally seen by satellites that are attracted to the Earth, which results in this image, which is probably the best image obtained from the Earth’s surface.

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