Kobe arrested in Punta Lara for illegal practice of medicine

Kobe was arrested in Punta Lara for illegally practicing medicine. According to Todo Noticias, the man presented himself as being famous for treatments for Children with neurodevelopmental difficulties, cerebral palsy and psychomotor retardationbut was arrested for scam their parents.

His name is Ronald MoraHe is accused of using the treatments he invented himself and is now facing trial for it Practicing illegal medicine. He had an office in Lara Pointand another in Castellar And he was promoted through social networks, where he had tens of thousands of followers.

The man has been arrested with his wife, 34, after a raid by federal agents of the Federal Police Intelligence Department against Organized Crime at an address in Ensenada, where one of its patient care centers operates. I also received them in Caminemos & Ronald Mora FoundationIt is located in Moron County.

The investigation arose from a series of complaints from parents of children who attended the consultations. The accused began his activity in Jump. Later, after receiving several lawsuits against him, he moved to the province of Buenos Aires.

According to the indictment, Mora set up clinics where he defrauded his patients who were Pay for his treatments in dollars or rent luxury homes in private neighborhoods in which he and his family lived.

In social networks, her platform was tik tokwhere the sum 31,600 followers and 371,900 views. “The high degree of neurological complexity and neurodevelopment in children in Cuba has reached Punta Lara.”It is promoted through his channel. He also published his treatments in Instagram and Facebookand it was common for them to leave bright comments.

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Mora also uploaded videos to Youtubewhere he showed cases of children who supposedly experienced improvements thanks to his treatments. “Do you know he has cerebral palsy? We are doing so well that nothing can be noticed.”says one of the posts. “I see hope for children everywhere”Another encourages.

He also used to turn to a resource “before and now”: At first I show the children sad and faint gestures, then I see them bright and smiling. He claimed the change was due to his treatment.

As part of his strategy to recruit patients, Mora used to highlight his Cuban ancestry and invite parents to send in videos of him to create Solidarity Assessment of their children’s illnesses. Then he spoke with a smile to the camera: “Good morning, mothers. I just received the videos to know what your children’s ailments are, and for you to understand better too.” His posts were filled with comments from those who congratulated him and asked him for information to access the treatments.

“We moved to Salta for him, he played with my daughter’s fantasies”

My daughter is 20 years old and has cerebral palsy. This man and his wife are the reason we moved to Salta. He played with the illusion of my daughter, my daughter, and our relatives. She promised us that she would get better, that she would walk and eat by mouth.”Natalia, one of the complainants, said in an interview with her T. He continued, “We realized that everything was a lie and we filed a lawsuit. Today, at last, justice begins.

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