A meteor exploded in the United States and generated a shock wave equivalent to 30 tons of dynamite

the NASA Surprised in the past when it was revealed that a The meteor causes sonic booms over city Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaOn the night of his celebration New Year. According to the agency’s estimates, the explosion of a celestial body is equivalent to 30 tons of TNT.

This phenomenon was noted by NASA’s social network Meteor Watch, which, based on a “reasonable assumption,” indicated that The meteor had a speed of 45,000 mph (72,420 km/h). Thus, roughly estimate its size One meter in diameter, with a mass close to Half a ton (454 kg).

Had it not been for the cloudy weather, the phenomenon would have been easily visible In the daytime sky, NASA said, it’s probably 100 times brighter than a full moon.

Through a post on social networks, Meteor Watch reported that the discovery of the phenomenon was possible thanks to the fact that A nearby infrasound station recorded the shock wave The meteorite at refraction, which allowed estimates to be made.

the meteorologist National Weather Service, Shannon Hefferanhe said to Tribune review that data Satellite recorded blink over Washington County shortly before 11:30 a.m. Saturday, and authorities believe it was caused by a meteor that “fallen into the atmosphere.”

Hefferan said that A similar event occurred on September 17th in Hardy County, West Virginia.

In turn, according to the Associated Press, Residents of South Hills Other nearby areas reported hearing loud noises at the same time They felt movements and tremors in their homes. But Allegheny County authorities confirmed that there was no seismic activity or any weather phenomenon that could explain this.

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Information from the Associated Press

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