A man lunges at comedian Dave Chappelle in the middle of the show

Comedian Dave Chappelle, 48, was attacked in his full performance Tuesday night during his show at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Some of those who attended the show of one of the most famous comedians in the United States captured the moment of the intervention and shared it on social networks.

And the American media reported the incident and published pictures of it. According to the US version of HuffPostComedian Dave Chappelle was ending his performance at the event Netflix joke When a man ran onto the stage and pounced on him and knocked him to the ground.

The event’s security team and humorist staff surrounded and detained the assailant while waiting for the LAPD to arrive to pursue his arrest for assault. In the end, as evidenced by the photos that spread on social media, the Los Angeles police and firefighters put the man in an ambulance and took him away from the scene.

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The comedian is fine and has no injuries. Moreover, after the incident, as reported by the above newspaper, Dave Chappelle joked behind the scenes about how he was paid.

Chappelle presented last night at the Comedy Festival Netflix jokewhich runs through Sunday and features big names in American comedy like Seth Rogen, Pete Davidson, Snoop Dogg and Bill Burr.

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Controversy over jokes about transgender people

Dave Chappelle is considered one of the best comedians in the United States. His awkward humor has been criticized on numerous occasions, most recently a few months ago for his stand-up comedy special, the closeston Netflix. The new comedian special has, with dubious success, focused on the LGTBIQ+ community, focusing on jokes about transgender people.

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the closest It sparked a huge controversy on social networks and several LGTBIQ+ collectives publicly denounced Chappelle’s jokes about transgender people. In addition, some Netflix employees have started a campaign to ask the streaming platform to withdraw the program. Nothing happened. The comedian didn’t correct either of them and defended the jokes he made on the special.

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