A job offer from Sony suggests that PS3 games will be playable on PS5 via emulation

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Discover a new job offer Reset s reported by Playstation Lifestyle It strongly suggests that Sony is trying to hire an engineer to emulate PS3 games on PS5. There are also rumors that older PS3 peripherals will work on the new console, which will be a huge relief.

If you’ve been keeping up with the re-release of PlayStation Plus for PS4 and PS5, you might have noticed that when browsing the more than 400 games in its extensive archive, everything on PS3 should play via streaming. flow is absorbed.

Until now, PS5 hasn’t been able to emulate PS3, and it’s problematic to miss this entire generation of games on modern consoles. The new PS+ offers the option to download games from PS1, PSP, PS2, PS4 and of course PS5. But as far as the PS3 is concerned, there’s only the option to stream, and at least in my experience, it’s a mess of pixels and glitches.

But now there is hope with New job offer For a Software Development Engineer, posted on LinkedIn by PlayStation Studios:

Our Software Development Engineer position is to work on the PlayStation Studios Tools and Technology team and add support to the recently re-released “Classics” for PS4 and PS5. Classic games work by emulating old PlayStation platforms. As a Classic Engineer, you will work closely with a range of engineers, producers, and QA teams to fix bugs, add new features, and develop new emulators.

Es ese “desarrollar nuevos emuladores” lo que me emociona, porque a menos que se vuelvan deshonestos y tengan la intención de permitir ejecutar ROMs de GBA en la consola, la PS3 es el único emulador que realmente necesita desarrollarse.

Al mismo tiempo, player Discover A new patent from Sony outlines the desire for a range of PS3 peripherals to work on the PS5, including the EyeToy, PS Mouse and PS Move.

I tried to play a little LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean With my son that day, while streaming on his newly rebooted PS+, the game crashed Shape huge pixels over and over again. I checked the internet connection on the PS5, which says 875MB/s, which I would say it should be is being Enough to air a game from eleven years ago. However, we were plagued by frame drops, lag, and message popping up all the time saying my 1Gbps internet connection isn’t good enough for streaming. Which is embarrassing.

So keep simulating! Of course, there are already PS3 emulators available for PC, and knowing the power of the PS5, it shouldn’t be difficult to replicate them on the console. However, getting it to work on PS4 could be a more complicated task. Still, it’s good to hold on to at least that little glimmer of hope.

Also, I find it very interesting that these companies, which are often the scourge of simulation communities, are now turning to the same technology to bolster their business models.

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