A dark night for Donald Trump: between the defeat of his candidates and the great victory of Ron DeSantis in the elections in the United States

Washington: Was a potential candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024 victorious night tuesday, And it wasn’t Donald Trump

The former president spent the last days of his campaign criticizing and even threatens the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, Which baffled his apparent interest in running against Trump, according to his aides, who spoke on condition of anonymity to reflect the private conversations. The Florida governor did not respond to the shooting, except for holding his campaign event on Saturday, where he competed with a Trump rally in Miami and angered the former president.

However, when election night came, It was DeSantis who threw the sparkling victory party, having won re-election with a landslide victory of 20 points, Almost 15 points better than Trump’s margin in 2020 in the state where they both live. At the ceremony, DeSantis’ supporters chanted “Another two years!” Urging the governor to run for the presidency before the end of his second term.

By contrast, Trump’s results-watching party dwindled as a tropical storm swept toward his Mar-a-Lago resort, Wednesday morning falls in a mandatory evacuation zone. Trump spoke briefly Tuesday night to thank reporters for coming, touting his endorsement record and congratulating some of the Republican candidates who won or were in the lead. But not DeSantis.

Wouldn’t it be funny if we did better in the general election than the nominations? [primarias]Trump pondered, as if he was still processing the results himself. He spent Tuesday night among old advisers and donors who, like other Republicans, They were expecting a better performance on Tuesday.

Former President Donald Trump looks at the audience as he speaks at Mar-a-lago on Election DayAndrew Harnick – AFP

The full picture of Tuesday’s results is far from over, as Trump scores multiple victories with several of his favorite candidates in major Senate races, including Ted Bud in North Carolina and JD Vance in Ohio. (Vance, in particular, thanked dozens of people in his victory speech, but not Trump.) However, the results were shaping up to be a mixed bag for Republicans, not the explosion that Trump had hoped for credit for before quickly announcing his 2024 bid.

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“The quality of the candidates matters,” Eric Erickson, a longtime Republican commentator, said of what he described as Trump’s disappointing performance. They weren’t good candidates. They had loyalty to him more than anything else. The Republican Party can still win both [cámaras]But this is not the night they expected.

Donald Trump, during his election party in Mar-a-Lago, Florida
Donald Trump, during his election party in Mar-a-Lago, FloridaJoe Riddell – GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA

Trump allies conceded that the initial results did not live up to high expectations, but remained optimistic about the Republican Party’s chances of taking full control of Congress.

“As President Trump looks to the future, he will continue to defend his American First Agenda that he won by an overwhelming majority in the election,” his spokeswoman Taylor Bowdwich said. He described the win-and-loss record of Trump-supported candidates as “a truly unprecedented achievement and something that was only achieved through President Trump’s ability to pick winners.”

DeSantis allies touted his sweeping re-election on Tuesday as a sign that Republican patriotic energy is behind him. The governor beat Democrat Charlie Crist to win Miami-Dade County, which the Republican has not dominated since former Governor Jeb Bush in 2002.

even so, Not only did DeSantis among Trump’s potential rivals appear bolder Tuesday night, Instead of being intimidated to make way for Trump. Senator Tim Scott (South Carolina) used his victory speech to indicate his potential ambitions, saying he wished his grandfather “lived long enough to see perhaps another man of color elected president of the United States”.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis during election night celebrations
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis during election night celebrationsGiorgio Vieira – AFP

and governor of Virginia, Glenn Youngkin He appeared on Fox News, winking at his own aspirations. “It sounds like you’ve been thinking about it,” Fox host Brett Beyer said of a White House presentation. Yongkin replied, “Well, I appreciate that. I always feel flattered in this discussion.”

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The Governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, Who won re-election after surviving a Trump-boosted primaries that far outperformed Trump’s hand-picked nomination to the Senate, Herschel Walker delivered an unusual blow to Trump in his victory speech. He criticized “current and former presidents” for criticizing his early move to lift restrictions imposed on the outbreak.

The midterm elections are inevitably a referendum on the ruling party, but Trump ran with it this year as well. Although it was not on the ballot, it was the “Trump card,” as he called his list of approved candidates in key states. How these candidates work with vote counting will definitely feed Divisions within the Republican Party On the electoral viability of Trump’s Make America Great Again movement after defeats in 2018 and 2020.

Its success would encourage hard-liners to press ahead with reshaping the party in Trump’s image, while the seat loss would heighten fears that Trump’s grip on the party limits its chances with independents and voters.

“Trump’s candidates have been a burden to the party and the messages of all our candidates,” Bill Palatucci, a New Jersey Republican National Committee member and Trump critic, said Democrats wanted to send a message against Trump and his supporters even though he wasn’t on the card. “We had to constantly distance ourselves from their support for the former president.”

Posters about Trump at a Ron Dientis support event on Election Night
Posters about Trump at a Ron Dientis support event on Election NightGiorgio Vieira – AFP

Trump was by far the biggest influencer in the GOP primary this cycle, winning about 82 percent of his supportive candidates (not including those already holding a seat), according to an analysis by the Election Commission. Washington Post. In some cases, Trump has pounced to join candidates already on their way to victory, such as Pennsylvania Governor Doug Mastriano’s candidate. But for others, such as Senate candidate Mehmet Oz in the same state, Trump’s endorsement has been clearly decisive. But on Tuesday night, Finally, they both lost.

Trump was looking to claim the Republican dividend, as his team pointed to 30 group gatherings, 50 fundraisers, 60 remote rallies and robocalls, and more than $16 million in Super PAC ads for state offices in critical states.

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“Well, I think if they win, they should take all the credit,” he said in an interview published Tuesday with NewsNation. “If they lose, I shouldn’t be to blame at all.”

Trump was determined to be the center of attention on Tuesday night. organized big party On his club’s gold-plated ballroom, he invited current and former advisors to watch him speak surrounded by flags. He had planned to interview the staff later this week and had scheduled it Presidential Announcement For the next week, according to several advisors.

Hoping for a Republican wave, Trump wanted to go as far as announcing his presidential run before Election Day, according to people familiar with the discussions. But advisers took him out of it, saying other news might drown him out or blame him for the Democratic turnout rally.

While advisers succeeded in delaying an official announcement, Trump became clearer about his intentions, telling supporters they would be “very happy…very soon” and finally, at a rally on Monday, promising a “very special announcement.” Next Tuesday, November 15th.

Donald Trump last night at Mar-a-Lago
Donald Trump last night at Mar-a-LagoAndrew Harnick – AFP

Counselors said that part of his urgency stemmed from his desire to do so pressure other Republicans to stand behind him and clear the field of potential rivals, Especially DeSantis.

Allies say Trump has obsessed over DeSantis more than any other potential competitor in 2024, watching his large crowds grow frustrated with his positive news coverage, while calling him grateful for Trump’s support in his 2018 campaign. He tried many titles and attacks before landing “Ron” de sanctimonios” last week; Consultants said reception was mixed and didn’t use it again this weekend.

On Monday night, Trump attacked DeSantis while speaking to reporters on his plane and threatened to release harmful information about him if he appeared.

“If he comes forward, I will say things about him that I would not be very grateful for. I know more about him than anyone other than his wife, “Who is really running his campaign,” Trump told a small group of reporters, according to the Wall Street Journal. “I think if he ran, it could do a lot of damage,” he said.

By Isaac Arnsdorff and Josh Dawsey

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