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More and more people are encouraged to install . In addition to offering the same features as the original app, it adds other advanced features that have generally been combined to offer some of the features that WhatsApp users demanded that Facebook never wanted to add. How do you know if you have the latest version for November 2022?

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You must remember that the application It’s not an official app, it’s a MOD (Modification of the original app). It was developed in 2012 by a Spaniard who gave it importance over time, however, another group of developers continued to give life to the already popular alternative messaging app.

After all, it is one of the versions of the mod that uses the original WhatsApp code, so it allows you to configure almost everything in the application, leaving it with its face. To understand how it works, please follow this post in its entirety.

How do you know if you have the latest version of WhatsApp Plus?

  • What we have to do is go into WhatsApp Plus.
  • There we will go to settings.
  • Click where “Additional Setup” appears.
  • You will see a number of options, but one of them says Update.
  • When you enter it, WhatsApp Plus will start searching for the latest version.
  • At that moment, it will tell you whether you have the latest APK or not.
  • If you don’t have it, you can also go into Telegram chats or the WhatsApp Plus mod creator website.
  • This way you can download the APK directly so you don’t get to lose your WhatsApp Plus chats.
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This way you can update WhatsApp Plus in a practical and official way. (Photo: Mag – Rommel Yupanke)

How to download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus V22.00?

  • To download WhatsApp Plus V22.00, it is necessary to uninstall the normal WhatsApp.
  • It is best to back up your conversations.
  • Remember that if you don’t like WhatsApp Plus V22.00, you can go back to normal WhatsApp.
  • Now download WhatsApp Plus V22.00 without ads or ads using this .
  • Give the corresponding permissions to your cell phone to install third-party apps.
  • Then register your number and enter the verification code.
  • After that, you can use WhatsApp Plus V22.00 on your cell phone.
  • Always remember to keep it updated to avoid possible penalties by normal WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp Plus?

Updated WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of the original application. Basically, the developers took the main code of the application and released many other features to the users. With this, it is possible to customize practically everything in the rate, from the font to the default colors of WhatsApp. But the best thing is the privacy options, such as hiding read receipts and even the online status of your contacts.

How does WhatsAppPlus work?

WhatsApp Plus works with the same dynamics as the original app, but with a few other features. For example, you can send larger files than traditional apps, with up to 100MB of content for documents, photos, and videos.

In addition to that, it also has the same contact link saved in the calendar, group and private chats, emojis and stickers. You will be able to enjoy all the best features of WhatsApp, while leaving the app optimized for your conversation style and usage routine.

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Functions you can get if you download WhatsApp Plus

  • Offers anti-blocking function;
  • customization of the application (colors, fonts, other features);
  • Hide preview notification (blue ticks);
  • Ability to hide status from contacts view
  • After recording audio, hide recording status from group and contacts
  • Contains HD video and audio calls
  • You can install different themes.
  • Send large files such as audio or video up to 100MB;
  • Limit the status of the largest videos;
  • Customize the home page icon (you choose how you want to leave it);
  • It has a quick sharing feature
  • New app updates notifications.

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