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Savings scams are becoming more and more popular over time. People often look for ways to save and thus earn more income. The fact is that although there are many “tricks”, some of them do not work for most people.

Below we will explain one of the most common challenges in the savings community. flame mader “21-day savings challenge” or even “financial quick”; In the United States it is one of the most popular, but at the same time some call it “aggressive”.

This method begins in the book 21-Day Financial Fasting: Your Path to Financial Peace and Freedomfrom a financial advisor and columnist at Washington Post, Michael Singletary. promise it This method is a kind of economical diet what or what Get rid of bad spending habitsas well as creating a plan to free yourself from debt and put your future on a better financial path.

Five simple tips for learning the saving habit

The rules you must follow


The challenge has clear rules that must be understood in advance. and this is:

  • Make it last 21 days. Three weeks is a perfectly reasonable amount of time to cut back on needs and expenses, but it can be very tiring.
  • Make sure to buy only what is necessary. Unless we absolutely need it to survive, there are no other purchases to make. This eliminates novelty purchases, restaurant expenses, or online purchases.
Say goodbye to surprise purchases.
  • It is recommended to pay everything in cash. The author says that you are more aware of the spending process when paying with cash. These bills can be a powerful visual reminder of the decisions we make.
  • Keep an expense diary. Throughout the 21 day challenge, keeping a detailed record of what you spend and what you’ll save will give us a better understanding of our personal finances. After a period of time we can identify the incentives to spend and the habits that we must change.
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Invoices with savings of 0.90 USD or 1.60 USD for VAT cancellation on products proposed by the government

The basis of this challenge is to buy only what we need to survive. Although 21 days seems like a long period of timeWe assure you that you will be able to visualize the difference If you take the risk to implement and improve your saving methods. (F)

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