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Donald Trump Jr Responds to Heated Interview on the View

Donald Trump Jr responds to his interview on The View
Donald Trump Jr responds to his interview on The View

Donald Trump Jr. made a special appearance on FOX News last night to address his heated interview earlier on the View.

Donald Jr told Hannity: “I don’t think they like me much anymore.”

Host Sean Hannity asked Donald Trump Jr why he even bothered going on the notoriously anti-Trump talk show. Trump responded:

“You know, every once in a while you got to try. You gotta try to speak to everyone. Hopefully they listen. In that case, they didn’t.”

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Donald Jr also tore into the double standards from the left. He noted how they blame the Trump families for so many things but don’t acknowledge attacks against them:

“I wish they would have shown a little bit of the same amount of outrage when my family opened up a white powder substance in an exploding envelope that showed up at my house. These guys are full of it, Sean.”

Donald Trump Jr’s interview on the View ate up headlines of Thursday after a heated argument between him and Joy Behar. Behar tried to suggest that President Donald Trump was morally bad for society, citing the infamous Access Hollywood tapes released in 2016.

Donald Jr. fired back that we have all done things we regret in life and referenced Joy Behar’s admission that she wore blackface when she was younger to dress up as a “beautiful African woman”.

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Whoopi Goldberg tried to defend Beyhar, suggesting as a black woman she can determine what counts as blackface and what doesn’t:

“No, she was not in black face. Listen, being black, I recognize black face, this I can say, okay.”

Pretty intense, even for the View.

Just as a point of reference, here is the image of Joy Behar wearing the alleged blackface, so you can decide for yourself:

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Donald Trump Jr is currently touring talk shows to promote his new book Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us.

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