Trump Announces He Will Release Transcript of First Ukraine Call

Donald Trump Says He will Release Transcript of Second Ukraine Call
Donald Trump Says He will Release Transcript of Second Ukraine Call

President Donald Trump announced on Friday that he intends to release the transcripts of his first phone call with Ukraine President Zelensky. Previously the President released the transcripts from their second call.

On his way to his Atlanta event, Trump told a pool of reporters he intends to release the transcripts. Impeachment Democrats have been pushing for him to release the transcript since it came out that he called Zelensky on April 21 to congratulate him on winning the Presidential election.

“I have a second call, which nobody knew about and I guess they want that call to be produced also. You’ve heard that.”

“I had a second call with the president which actually I believe came before this one. And now they all want that one. And If they want it I’ll give it to them. I haven’t seen it recently, but I’ll give it to them.”

“I understand they’d like it, and I have no problem giving it to them.”

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President Donald Trump went on to call the impeachment proceedings nothing but a Democrat scam. He ensured the press that he is still happy to release it, claiming to be the most transparent U.S. President.

“They don’t want to give all this information on a scam. It’s a witch hunt.  I’m okay with releasing it. It doesn’t bother me. I had a call. I’m sure it was fine. I make a lot of calls. But I have no problem releasing it. I’m very transparent. Nobody is more transparent than I am.”

Democrats in the House of Representatives have been attempting to impeach the president over what they allege to be a quid-pro-quo with Ukraine over military aid. Democrats claim that President Trump withheld funding from the country unless they investigated the Biden family for corruption.

Tump zaid
Trump says that the whistleblower attorney Mark Zaid should be sued “maybe for treason.” (Youtube)

Joe Biden has been accused of abusing his political position to get his son Hunter Biden an extremely high-paying job on the board of Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings.

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In a recent interview, Hunter admitted that all of his jobs in life have been thanks to his dad’s political position. He also claimed that no one on the board is qualified to run a gas company in Ukraine.

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