Ben Goldman Show 7/25/2019

Ilhan Omar thinks White men are dangerous and the government should take action. A new video released today, which you can check out in my show, shows her on a talk show saying as much. This is racist and unAmerican. Also, let’s not forget about her relationship Linda Sarsour, a known anti-Semite who called for Jihad against Donald Trump. Sarsour is also very close friends and allies with Louis Farrakhan, founder of the anti-Semitic hate group Nation of Islam.

Jeff Epstein tried to hang himself in Prison. The keyword there is tried. He was actually saved by his ex-cop cellmate who is in for triple homicide. This all right after investigators discovered Epstein has a second sex island and that Epstein paid off local cops while on his 13-month work release. They let him have visits with underaged girls at his apartment.

Despite the Democrats best efforts to hurt the President with this, it’s important to remember that Donald Trump was the one who alerted authorities and started the first investigation into Epstein in 2005. Trump hates pedophiles and has been actively working the last 4 years to dismantle networks nationwide and around the world.

The DNC is Crumbling. They let in Socialism. They brought back McCarthyism against President Trump and the Republicans. Nancy Pelosi cannot reign in AOC. They hate Israel and embrace Authoritarianism and Americans are finally able to see through their lies. I may not be a fan of theirs personally, but it’s sad to see that they have fallen this far and taken so many people with them.


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