➤Chinese spying from Argentina, according to Netflix

Written by Oscar Moinio

Argentina has just crept into the great spy game.

From Netflix come Australian series pine gap. The name comes from a base in the Australian desert where locals and their North American allies gather military, political and commercial information on potential competitors. Advance digital platform pine gap As one of three “massive artificial surveillance facilities” that maintain America’s global power.

Besides Pine Gap, the series mentions Buckley Air Force Base in Denver (USA) and Menwith Hill Air Force Base in Harrogate, British Yorkshire. Imagination becomes reality when one consults the web, and the three centers appear, in fact, as information gathering spaces in North America, shared with the English in Yorkshire and the Pine Gap with the Australians.

In the sixth and final chapter, the base chief’s wife, who has a mysterious relationship with a powerful Chinese businessman, does not hesitate to ask him.

Do you have rules like this in China?

I know they have one in Argentina, but it’s much smaller.

So, thanks to Netflix, the world discovered the integration of creoles into the Chinese satellite network. The so-called remote space station in Neuquén.

President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner handed it over to her partner Xi Jinping: 200 hectares for 50 years. The first time in history that Argentina accepted the presence of a foreign base in its territory. Curious for a political sector that proudly raises the nationalist and anti-imperialist flags.

In fairy tales, we do a better job: once a powerful Chinese negotiator mentions his base in Argentina, a multicolored and forbidden love story begins. Uh! And that’s good…the miniseries, I mean.

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