Zamora met with the Inprotur company secretary and they discussed tourism promotion measures

He received the President of Santiago, Ricardo Sosa, at the Government House.


he Prefect of the province Dr. Gerardo Zamorahe met at the Government House with the Executive Secretary of Inprotur, Ricardo Sosa, with whom he analyzed the tourism promotion measures in Santiago del Estero abroad for the second semester of 2023, among which the presence in Colombia and Brazil stands out.

In this context, the Inprotur has agreed with the Brazilian Porsche Cup class Argentina and especially Termas de Río Hondo are present at all the dates that take place in this country, thus reaching a specific audience of motorsports fans. This is in addition to the MotoGP promotional actions planned for November in Brazil, once the tentative calendar for 2024 is known.

Likewise, during the month of August they will arrive Santiago del Estero Tour operators selling tour packages in Colombia for a site check in Termas de Río Hondo with the aim of forming a package to offer MotoGP in the Antioquia region and especially in Medellín, where Inprotur has identified a segment of motorcycle fanatic tourists

The strategy is to carry out these packages in the second semester and can be promoted in Colombia so that there will be more Colombian tourists in MotoGP in 2024. Motorcycle tourism routes can be implemented later in northern Argentina, leaving and ending in Termas de Deep River.

Likewise, during the month of July, Inprotur will support the arrival of musical references from southern Brazil who will take part in the traditional drum march, thus increasing the visibility of this cultural event in the neighboring country.

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This is complemented by the recent press trip carried out by Inprotur, which brought journalists from Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and Chile to Santiago del Estero, who have toured the capital and Termas de Río Hondo and are already reporting in these foreign media.

Also during the meeting, various issues related to the territory’s presence abroad, the attractiveness of sporting events and the possibility of generating more investments in Termas de Río Hondo were discussed.

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