YouTube Music integrates podcasts into its app, and how to use it

The app will allow you to listen to podcasts in the background.

Podcasts are officially coming to Youtube musicThe application announced that this type of content will be integrated after these formats are included in the video platform.

application Google The tests began in March of this year, when it was learned that changes were being made to the internal code to give creators tools so they could upload their software there.

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Accessing this new functionality will not require a premium subscription, so you will have all the options that are enabled in the platform, because what they are looking for is that this is a “way to complement” your online podcast video experience. Youtube.

Users will have the possibility to consume this content No internet connectionlisten to them in the background, watch or listen to episodes through a live stream, and change the video format to audio-only versions.

The app will allow you to listen to podcasts in the background.

To make it easier to find this new feature, in Youtube music The Podcasts tab will now appear with categories such as Popular Shows and Popular Episodes, and genre listings such as Comedy.

In addition, the user will see their favorite shows, content related to topics we have heard previously, and the ability to continue playing previous episodes.

For now, this new functionality is only available in United State It is being rolled out “gradually” to some devices. However, the app confirmed that they plan to roll out the podcast to other regions “in the future.”

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First of all, if the podcast is audio only, it would be ideal to consider the idea of ​​”uploading a video with a static image, using audiograms or other dynamic video formats”, as users will have both possibilities to enjoy.

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Later they will offer the possibility of uploading audio programs directly through RSS feeds to Youtube And Youtube musicBecause these come from other platforms where the content is hosted.

In addition, the Google app offers badges so that creators can place them on their web pages or media and, in this way, take users directly to reproduce content on the music or video platform.

The app will allow you to listen to podcasts in the background.
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to appear with the name of the podcast in YoutubeContents must be created as a channel for Podcast from Youtube studio.

Although the process is not much different from opening a regular YouTube video channel, here are the steps to follow:

– from the home page Youtube You must be logged in with an account Google Then click on the profile picture at the top right of the screen.

– select the option “Youtube studioto access the video creation section.

– Inside the channel panel, you have to click on the Create button located at the top right next to the profile picture.

– In the build menu, press the button “new PodcastTwo management options will appear: “Create a new podcast” and “Set an existing playlist as a podcast”. The latter will be used for channels that have started uploading podcast videos even without verifying that they are within a domain content category.

– Relevant podcast data such as name, description (generally preferably include who is hosting it and what it’s about), visibility (can be public or private), and a square podcast thumbnail should be created.

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– After generating this data, you should click on the Generate button.

– By setting the content as a podcast, the creator will now be able to upload videos within this section. On the Podcast tab inside Youtube studio You must select your and press the “Upload Video” button.

– After entering the file details content to be ordered from YoutubeContent can be added as part of the program’s playlist.

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