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Alejandra de la Vega is not only the owner of the Liga MX club, but one of the most powerful women in all of Mexico. His empowerment and example of strength and brilliance for different companies means that every time he speaks, he is heard and has relevance on a national level and of course Liga MX is no exception.

Malik Juarez has been vocal and vocal about relegation and fines in the Mexican Football League’s top flight and how the show is affected by these decisions, which for her aren’t the best.

In an interview with La Última Palabra, Alejandra said that she is not sure if she likes the no-relegation formula in Liga MX or not, taking as an example the sport of the United States, where there is no kind of relegation and show. The work was insured.

“I still haven’t decided, on the one hand, relegation and promotion are part of soccer culture, and almost every league in the world has that. Living on the frontier you can’t help but look at the professional leagues in the US; one of the things we say is: ‘When you remove relegation, The league is losing competitiveness,” so I ask them: Is the NFL less competitive because it has no touchdowns? Or the NBA? They’re the best basketball players in the world.”

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While he expressed his total disagreement with the $1 million fines that must be paid by teams that are last in the percentage table, ensuring that the money from the penalty is not well invested in the Ascent franchises, the main purpose of this measure.

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“Paying fines seems wrong to me because: do you want a competitive league or do you want to have two out of three stars that no one reaches? I say remove it. Today Querétaro is condemned to a very high fine, the resources are not unlimited, the equipment costs us a lot of resources. And with That, that money will be invested in enhancements or infrastructure to improve stadiums, but no, they just take it from you.Do we want to make it more competitive or do we want to go the distance by always beating the weakest?

In this tournament, Juárez will narrowly avoid being one of the fined clubs, and the Xolos, Querétaro and Mazatlán will be the sanctioned teams.

Finally, De La Vega called on Liga MX and the owners to be more transparent in managing accounts and thus attracting investments, both national and foreign, that help grow Mexican football economically.

“This is a fundamental issue, very important in football, as well as in any other type of investment, it is very important how institutions are organized and transparency, you have to do an exercise to find the best practices. Seek the growth of our league to be more attractive to both national and foreign investment.”

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