Does King Juan Carlos have a secret daughter? Book fueling rumors in Spain

The Spaniards woke up this Thursday with news that has been circulating underground for years among those who closely follow the public and private lives of members of the Crown: King Emeritus Juan Carlos I de Borbón, the same one who in 2014 abdicated his son and in 2020 went into self-exile outside Spain Because of the accusations that affected his reputation, Secret daughter.

This was revealed by the book “King Corp. The Untold Empire of Juan Carlos I”, an investigation by journalists José María Olmo and David Fernández.

The book reveals more unknown sides of Juan Carlos, who, at 85, never ceased to amaze millions of Spaniards who ruled between 1975 – when dictator Francisco Franco died – and 2014, when he abdicated.

Alejandra Rojas will be the secret daughter of Honorary King Juan Carlos. photo: Instagram @alejandraderojas

Although it will be in Spanish bookstores on May 8, One of its more exciting chapters was published this Thursday in online newspapers confidentiality Where, in addition, details of this alleged illegitimate daughter of the titular king appear.

eyes indicate Alejandra de Rojas, 43-year-old aristocratThe countess’ daughter who usually fills the pages of Hello! Because she restored a dress her mother wore 42 years ago or to show how she redecorated the room of her son Bibi, who was born in 2019.

His mother, Charo Palacios, was going to live with a younger Juan Carlos, a voracious passion.

However, the one thing that worried him at the time, as revealed by the authors of “King Corp,” was that Alejandra and Felipe, the current king of Spain and who is ten years older than his supposed sister, would get together and fall in love.

Genealogy - Spain

The same sources confirm that Alejandra de Rojas He would not have claimed a place in the dynasty of the Spanish royal house. and that only as a teenager would his mother tell him who his real father would be.

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From the Palacio de la Zarzuela, the geography of the Spanish crown that the Bourbons never cease to get in trouble, they claim to have “no knowledge” of whether the titular had a secret daughter named Alejandra.

El Confidencial has presented parts of a book on King Juan Carlos that will go on sale in May.  photo: Instagram @alejandraderojas
El Confidencial has presented parts of a book on King Juan Carlos that will go on sale in May. photo: Instagram @alejandraderojas

They suggest you ask him who has been living since August 2020 in Abu Dhabi, 7,500 kilometers from Madrid.

According to the newspaper the worldJuan Carlos had reached out to the section of the newspaper that handles property affairs and business shows, LOC -La Otra Crónica-, to confirm: “It is not true that he has a daughter.”

On paper, Juan Carlos I only recognizes his children he had with Queen Sofia: Infanta Elena – born in 1963 – and Infanta Cristina, two years younger than her sister, and King Felipe VI, who turns 55 on January 30.

No yes and no no

Argentine journalist Ernesto Equizer, who has lived in Spain for nearly 50 years and is the author of The Naked King. A History of Fraud, claims to have obtained the information years ago and to have sent dozens of messages via WhatsApp. to Alejandra she She never answered.

“I didn’t get it for my book on Juan Carlos I which I published in June 2021. And as of September 2022 I resume the investigation. I sent dozens of letters to Alejandra de Rojas. I went to his Maje shop on Claudio Coello Street in Madrid. But I didn’t get For what I wanted.’ Eckizer said Thursday in a column in the English language Newspaper Catalunya, the newspaper he writes for.

Charo Palacios, mother of Alejandra, supposedly the secret daughter of King Emeritus Juan Carlos I.  photo: Instagram @alejandraderojas
Charo Palacios, mother of Alejandra, supposedly the secret daughter of King Emeritus Juan Carlos I. photo: Instagram @alejandraderojas
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In his letters, Ekaizer tells Alejandra what he knows about her personal and family history, and that’s something Did not admit or deny.

Who is Alexandra?

Equizer stated that the information he included “was the daughter of Rosario Palacios Calleia, Charo, Countess of Montarco, widow of Eduardo de Rojas Ordóñez, 5th Count of Montarco, founder of the Falange”. -. The muse of designer Elio Berhanier, who died in November 2016, was in a relationship with Juan Carlos I, of whom Alejandra was born, on August 7, 1979 in Madrid.

His father was Eduardo de Rojas Ordonez, Fifth Count of Montarco who also founded, together with José Antonio Primo de Rivera, the Falange, a version of Fascism, the Spanish.

He studied marketing and advertising and it was not difficult for him to get a position in the luxury watchmaking department of LVMH, the owner of top brands such as Louis Vuitton, Givenchy or Dior.

She is close friends with Alejandra Silva, current partner of Richard Gere, and She is married to the musician and aristocrat Beltran Cafiero.He is the nephew of the former President of the Community of Madrid and former Minister of Education under José María Aznar, Esperanza Aguirre.

You don’t know Alejandra de Rojas from her social networks, where she has about 60,000 followers, and she doesn’t reply. She travels through Asturias, amused and oblivious to the revelation whether her father was king. or not.

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