7 New Features of WhatsApp for 2022

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7 New Features of WhatsApp for 2022

Message feedback

After its announcement last August, WhatsApp has started developing a new functionality so that its users can Reply to other people’s messages and files with emojis.

Feedback is presented as a very useful option for your consideration end a conversation and for Express yourself with different content Shared in the chat.

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Whatsapp + Instagram

WhatsApp is part of Meta, the company led by Mark Zuckerberg that also works behind platforms like Facebook and Instagram. So, the instant messaging app is finally expected to be Integrates with the rest of the social networks through the messaging service.

Also, this merger is expected to allow WhatsApp users can see the reels, which are Instagram videos that are 15-30 seconds in length.

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sticker maker

WhatsApp is a function that provides the ability to Convert photo to poster From the acronym that would be Available in both web and app version for Windows and Mac. No need to install additional software.

Maybe Edit the photo and make any necessary cuts It blends seamlessly with the transparent background. You can also Add emojis, text and other stickers too.

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transcribe voice messages

Although there are third-party tools to perform this task, WhatsApp works Tests on iPhone. Plans to file Integrated tool Facilitates sound reproduction in situations where this type of message cannot be heard.

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WhatsApp voice.

good mood

WhatsApp plans to implement it changes in Privacy: will allow users Selectively hide some public data, Like last contact time oh no Read a message for one or more contacts.

Hide information by calling

WhatsApp is also planning Selectively expand tuning options So users can customize What kind of information can your contacts see. This way you can Hide your profile picture, account status or description, among other data.

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Delete messages without time limit

Since it was sent, WhatsApp allows you to delete messages within 60 minutes. But there are rumors that this will be the limit Removal s There will be no more timeout.

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