Your well-being makes us grow

With the statement “Your well-being makes us grow”, the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) presents its regional campaign aimed at providing more information to public opinion about its initiatives and its mission as a multilateral organization to continue to promote the economic development of the countries of the region through public and private financing.

“At CABEI, we want the people of our region to enjoy well-being, because as long as they have better infrastructure, health and education, we will all be better off. Because well-being generates a chain reaction that has a positive effect on everyone,” stated CEO, Dr. Dante Musi.

This campaign mainly focuses: Man is destined to grow, to grow with age, in relationships, in wisdom and every stage we grow in, well-being changes us; The good that parents do makes their children grow. The good a boss does makes his employees grow. The good that the president does makes the country grow. The good we all do makes us feel good.

CABEI will continue to promote the region as an area with great potential for investment, creating more inclusive experiences of social transformation for Central American countries, and through this activity, will continue to demonstrate commitment to the pursuit of common well-being.

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