Letizia admits that her boyfriend sat at her table on Christmas Eve

Christmas dinner always goes a long way operetta It won’t be any different. Despite the fact that royalty protects their privacy to the utmost, some details inevitably end up being leaked.

Thus we can know who sat at his table Leticia this year. And it is that he has two very special guests who are not related to the royal family.

It is known from afar that relations between family members are practically broken. the King Philip She does not speak to any of her sisters and has even had deep discussions regarding their children’s behaviour.


The same applies to his father, King Juan Carlos, who has not wanted to listen to him since he left for Abu Dhabi.

The king feels contempt and does not forgive Felipe O Leticia Because he pushed him away like that.

In this way, the king seems to have taken refuge with his in-laws, whether in his mother-in-law Paloma Roccasolano or his sister-in-law. Telma Ortiz.

The royal family leaves the stage

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They were both guests of honor this year at Zarzuela’s Christmas Eve with their partners. Since the arrival of her second daughter, sister Leticia She is having a very sweet moment with her boyfriend, Robert Gavin.

Also, for the first time, a friend Rock DoveHe, Marcus Brandler, held a very special place within the family, which shows how integrated he was.

The Queen’s mother is also very excited about this newfound love. While, on the other hand, it appears that the Queen Sofia He has chosen to spend these dates with his brother Constantino.

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Although it should be noted that Leticia Nor has he forgotten his father, Jesús Ortiz, with whom he will continue the tradition of eating Roscón de Reyes.

Letizia already knows her mother’s boyfriend, another one at Christmas Eve dinner

On the other hand, the royal family is also in the spotlight after Felipe VI’s usual Christmas speech.

The king wanted to draw attention to the alarming situation in Europe and the world in general. General described it as “complicated and challenging”.

Speech also calls for integrity and commitment to Ukraine, and the establishment of the European Union as the “backbone”. But, above all, the need to “strengthen institutions”.

King Philip


The king warned that “democracies are exposed to many dangers: division, deterioration of coexistence, and erosion of institutions.”

“We need to strengthen our institutions. Make them solid, protect citizens, attend to their concerns, guarantee their rights, and support families.”

The king also kept his daughter in mind at all times Eleanorwho was one of the main characters in the pictures that appear at the end of the speech.

Princess Leonor with her father, King Felipe VI

The photos were taken at various official events attended by the Princess of Asturias throughout 2022.

Thus, we were able to see the Ukrainian refugees accompanying her at the Reception, Care and Referral Center (CREADE), in Princess of Asturias AwardsAt the Princess of Girona Foundation Awards Gala and even in the UK with her sister Sophia.

This coming year is very important for a daughter Leticiawho will finally meet the long-awaited adulthood, which also means taking on more responsibilities.

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Thus, the young woman will swear the constitution, which also symbolizes the continuity of the institution, and she will begin her university education. A very exciting stage full of changes.

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