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Starting in May, the day when women turn 60 and men turn 65, without a shift, they will be treated in Universal Care Units (UDAI) or ANSeS delegations across the country to resolve the retirement process directly, if it is verified that they meet all requirements .

Those who meet on weekends or holidays can appear, also without rotation, on any day of the following week. It is estimated that 1,000 people a day reach retirement age.

Advice includes whether these people are covered by the current moratorium and “care assignments” (mothers with children).

The program called “Now Retirement Is Easier” consists of two types of sponsorship phases.

They said in ANSeS that they will be communicating by SMS with people who will turn 60 or 65 in the coming months (depending on whether they are men or women), who will be invited to attend the UDAI closest to their homes where they will organize weekly meetings, on Friday, to advise regarding the requirements necessary to be able to retire.

At these meetings, people will be able to clarify their doubts, they will be explained how to refer to the work history in MI ANSES, where contributions entered into the system are recorded, and they will be invited to update the data in the registration system from that platform, including uploading sons and daughters of mothers who They can recognize years of service by recognizing the contributions of caring assignments.

In addition to age, another requirement is to have 30 years or more of contributions. In the case of employees in a dependency relationship, if there are unpaid contributions to the ANSeS, evidence, such as payroll receipts, certificates of service and bonuses or a workbook, can be provided.

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“The goal is that those who wish, can go ahead with creating their ‘pension file’ to reach the date they are already 60 or 65 years old with all the necessary documents and avoid delays in the implementation of procedures. And that the implementation of the retirement process, like any other process that is made In the ANSES, it is free, and it is not necessary to go into the expenses, or appoint professionals or managers to intervene,” as they define in the ANSeS Clarion.

In the meantime, from May, there will be preferential care for those who attend their retirement on the day they reach retirement age.

Women attending on their 60th birthday and men on their 65th birthday should not ask for an appointment. It will be enough for them to appear at the UDAI closest to their home, holding a DNI, and if they meet all the remaining requirements, on the same day they can leave with the retirement process already started,” they assured the pension agency.

Later In about 60 days they will start receiving retirement retroactive to Christmas Day.

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