Xbox’s Sarah Bond says it won’t be long until “playing a video game and creating a video game become synonymous.”

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With many people joining the proposal and others criticizing and exposing its harms, the truth is that everything related to artificial intelligence is a trendy topic. While many artists deny the possibilities offered by these technologies, others choose to view them as working tools to facilitate or improve creative processes. Sarah BondVice President of the company X-BoxHe made some comments about this topic, which caused an uproar.

The CEO spoke about the positive impact that these technologies can have on the process of creating a video game, arguing that thanks to them, many people can become video game developers. It is worth keeping in mind, before continuing reading, that Microsoft It paid a huge sum of $10 billion OpenAIthe company behind ChatGPT To invest in various artificial intelligence initiatives

The power of AI will democratize game development. There will be a game developer or builder co-pilot who will make it easy for anyone to create a game, even if they don’t have in-depth training in computing or how to use Unity“, shooting Association It unleashed another of the many controversies adding to this issue.

Until now, there are many engines that allow you to create video games without having much idea about programming, although the truth is that knowing a language helps a lot, especially being able to go beyond the rules offered by the platform itself. pleasant It states that the ideaPlaying a video game and creating a video game are synonymous“. He adds: “Music and video have further democratized creators. I see the need very clearly. I know a lot of people who want to make a game“.

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If we start thinking Electronic Arts It has been working with these technologies since 2018, making it part of the development of the new part of the saga battlefield. Take twoFor his part, he was also talking about the topic and how it could affect future development JTA. The future is here.

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