Xbox will have its own credit card for accumulating points, purchasing video games, and more

Microsoft has launched an Xbox credit card to collect points. (Microsoft)

Microsoft Release “Xbox MasterCard“In alliance with the well-known Barclays Bank United State. This credit card will function as certain membership systems that allow you to accumulate points and redeem them for rewards and other benefits.

This card will, for now, be a “free” card. Committees “Annual” who will contribute points to a personal fund for every dollar of credit consumed on certain targeted products and services entertainment of users.

“It will only be available to Xbox Insiders starting now September 21 From 2023 and then for all players from the beginning of 2024.” Dave McCarthycorporate vice president of Xbox player services.

Benefits will be limited only to players to United State, Alaska And Hawaii. Although more countries are expected to be added later.

Xbox card will not work with Microsoft Rewards Because while one only works with products directly related to the company (eg Bing), games are exclusive only to Control unit.

The Xbox Card will accumulate points based on the use made on it. all $1 Your spend will correspond to one reward point when used on any purchase.

However, dynamics have been created that are compatible with other products such as, e.g. Netflix And Disney+. Every dollar paid on one of these apps earns three points, just like on delivery services like Grubhub and DoorDash.

Xbox MasterCard Models. (Microsoft)

According to Microsoft, once it accumulated 1500 points On the card account, users will be able to claim a $15 gift card that can be redeemed in stores in both Microsoft Like Xbox.

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Members who have their cards active will also receive a bonus 5000 points ($50) once you make your first purchase of this product.

This feature will also be enhanced with three months of access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate only for new Game Pass members. The card can be gifted to another friend or family member.

Within a series of benefits Microsoft He noted that users enjoy special protection against fraud, but this will not require additional payment or commission. By the mere fact of existence CardUsers will not be responsible for unauthorized incorrect charges.

Microsoft He noted that to obtain the card, users must be part of an Xbox team from the inside program Those who want to join can do so by downloading the Xbox Insider Hub app for both console and Computer.

In the case of users who are already part of program US residents can also receive their card starting September 21, although delivery will not be immediate and may take several days or a week as each card will have its own design and individual characteristics, mainly targeting a variety of people. Colors Which will be the same as on the console: white, green, and black.

At this time, there has been no announcement about expanding the coverage of this card to enter markets such as Canada or Mexico. For this reason, it cannot be determined whether, after several months, the company will be encouraged to grant this feature to other customers on other continents.

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