World Cup France 2023: Victories, a situation that covers huge distances and may cast doubt on Australia’s 2027 project

Le Paul Escoblac, France. Suddenly, within a few days, defeats rained down world Cup. England And Pumas to Chili pepper by 71-0 and 59-5 respectively; Scotland to Romania With a score of 84-0 and All blacks To Italy by 96-17. Rugby has gone through at least two World Cups without such extensive results. It has been suspected that these were times that were – with some exceptions – more conformist. Will this affect the idea of ​​extending the number of countries participating in Australia 2027 to 24? Must not.

In addition to these victories in the third date, France won over Namibia 96-0, the All Blacks defeated Namibia 71-3, and two other defeats for Romania: 82-8 with Ireland and 76-0 with South Africa. Romania, by far, is the worst team in the tournament. In three games they have a -234 point differential. Namibia follows with -218. The weakest in Europe and the only African, with the exception of South Africa, that is not improving despite being a frequent number in World Cup finals.

The All Blacks’ victory over Namibia

Big results can be expected from all of these matches, with the exception of the All Blacks’ match against Italy. If there is any data to suggest that Rugby Championship teams are inferior to Six Nations teams and if there were any doubts about the New Zealanders’ performance, they showed no mercy that night in Lyon. AB never slowed down during the 80 minutes and literally overtook the Azzurri. Two more transfers and they reached 100. Not since the All Blacks’ 108-13 win over Portugal in France 2007 has such a margin been recorded in a World Cup..

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In Japan 2019, for example, only three major results were presented. Two via the All Blacks (63-0 for Canada, 71-9 for Namibia) and one by England (45-7 for the USA). Four years earlier, in England, Uruguay suffered two defeats: 65-3 against Australia and 60-3 against the locals, while South Africa beat the United States 64-0 and Namibia 64-19. Ireland 50-7 to Canada.

New Zealand 2011 marked the last of their winning streak: The All Blacks 83-7 against Japan and 79-15 against Canada; Pumas and England beat Romania 43-8 and 67-3 respectively. Australia 65-7 to the United States, South Africa and Wales to Namibia 87-0 and 81-7.

Pumas success over Chile

The results should always be taken with a grain of salt and analyzed beyond numbers. It is true that Chile, for example, conceded 130 goals in two matches. But put it in context, The Condor’s first participation in the World Cup should be classified as positive. The Trans-Andean team, which is still vastly superior, has left with good feelings and a great attitude, and if we analyze where it came from, it has seen that if it strengthens its bases in the future and achieves more international contact, it can continue to advance. Chile is one of the reasons to look for alternatives in order to have more teams in the next World Cup.

Chile competed, and its players and coaches lived extraordinary experiences on the field and in the locker rooms, sharing that with the English and the Argentines, and as their Uruguayan coach Pablo Lemoine pointed out: “It’s been a great month here. The World Cup gave us a lot and put Chilean rugby on a different path. We hoped Chilean rugby would help us and we got it. One of the things we appreciate most is that we leave with many new fans“It’s also the World Cup.

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Scotland 84-0 Romania

The other side is Romania and Namibia. Although they both fell into the more difficult and competitive groups, their level did not advance despite playing in almost all the World Cup editions. Namibia are yet to win a game, and the Europeans, who were in everything but 2019, have dropped significantly.. Portugal played a clearly superior role. Georgia, the other European country outside the 6N group, also did not meet expectations.

Today it is difficult to find a World Cup for any sport at a high professional level, with very bad differences between one team and another. In rugby there are still several steps of distance between emerging powers and nations. The only way to reduce it is to add the latter to strong and regular competition. That is why, apart from the defeats of recent days here in France, the idea of ​​a World Cup with four more teams – we will later have to see how the programming is adjusted so that it is not really a longer tournament – or an annual tournament or windows that mix teams of the same level 1 With levels 2 and 3, it is the first step in the spread of rugby, and becomes equal over time.

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