World Cup 2026: FIFA defined the new format and made a surprise

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The gloom gradually begins to grow in the most popular sports fans, who must acclimatize to the modern era. at the meeting in Kigali (Rwanda), he FIFA Council Define a new format for world Cup of football: More participants, more groups and an innovative way of classifying “mata-mata” will be some of the novelties of United States, Mexico and Canada 2026.

the trophy he won Argentina national team in Qatar 2022 He meant a break for discipline, considering it was the last that way. It is from careful analysis and with the aim of improving competition, the parent entity falls into Swiss He understood that this was the perfect time to make a transformation that would allow – among other things – to add more income with new sponsors.

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This will be the new World Cup 2026

Having 32 teams is a thing of the past north america 2026 48 selected will be shown. Logically, this increase in participants also leads to a restructuring of the game. Although there has been speculation about the possibility of groups of three contenders, the intensity and emotion generated by the last date in The Middle East The key was to reverse this situation.

Finally, there will be 12 groups of four teams each with two best group rankings and eight most distinguished groups. These 32 combined will join the new round of 16 casesso the champion will have a bigger task to lift the most coveted trophy on the planet and must win 8 matches.

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When it came to geographic distribution, it was healthy to designate more than one host country. There will be 104 games, which will be broken down as follows: 78 in Yankee territory, 13 in Canada, and 13 in Mexico..

Being the first World Cup in history with three stadiums, with the mitigation that they are all large, the FIFA Consider the opportunity to create “zones” in which the different groups play. That is, the one that is measured in West Coast They will not move from the cities there and the same will happen with those who are facing their obligations on this. Only at the end and during the course will they mix with each other, a decision made to avoid further wear on the champions.

Specifically with regard to fatigue and with the premise of eliminating overload, the Council will introduce a novelty that will generate comfort in the clubs. In January 2017, when the possibility of a change in format began to be considered, institutions – especially from Europe– they shouted at Heaven for having to lend money to their players for a longer period of time. However, it will be specified that the mission will last 56 days as it stands so far.

Major news

  • 48 teams
  • 12 groups of 4 teams
  • The first two parties and the eight best third parties are rated
  • Direct elimination of 16 is played
  • 104 matches
  • The final match will take place on July 19, 2026

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