Without world champions and with elections on the horizon

the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) It is going through the most turbulent period in its history. he Rubialis case It requires a complete restructuring of the organization, which will also include Supreme Council for Sports And that, at the present time, it does not include 21 world champions, except… Athena del Castillo and Claudia Zornoza.

This Friday, in the midst of the media hurricane of the National Court Statement of former President Luis Rubiales, The Board of Directors of the Spanish Football Federation, headed by Pedro Rocha, announced that it would ask the Commission for Sustainable Development to hold elections During the first quarter of 2024. That is, in less than six months, we will have new leadership in the organization, but even then the situation will not be completely easy.

The world champions issued a statement explaining this They will not return to the national team So they give “Structural changes” in the Spanish Football Federation. This led to another reaction, which was to postpone the introduction of Montse Toomey as the new national coach, which is still in place He does not have a date to announce his chosen ones To play the first Nations League matches, where Spain will face Sweden on September 22 and Switzerland on the 26th.

This means that the federation is going through a period in which it does not have players who were declared world champions a month ago, and cannot hold elections until the CSD issues a statement on the matter. everyone, With the Paris Olympics at stake, an event for which only France (the host country), Colombia, Brazil and the United States are guaranteed a place. Besides France, Europe will be represented by only two teams, the two teams that will reach the final of the tournament.

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As expected, the CSD will say yes to this proposal to hold elections at the beginning of next year, because throughout the Rubiales case its Chairman, Victor FrancosSupport the renewal of the organization from the ground up, change the composition of the General Assembly and have the new Assembly members appoint the new president.

At the same time, Rocha calls for dialogue and cooperation in a “particularly atypical” scenario. “There is a lot at stakeHe warned, stressing his “absolute and real” commitment to making “fundamental changes that restore the functioning of the entity.” Transitions are necessary And because of that, It will be implemented as quickly as possible, gradually“, Add.

Meanwhile, Rubiales, at the hearing

Friday was an eventful day in terms of Etihad news. This meeting was held by the leaders of the region, the former president of the organization, Luis Rubiales. Announced in the National Court Because of his non-consensual kiss with Jenny Hermoso.

After listening to Rubiales and the player’s defense, Judge Francisco de Jorge The former president was prohibited from approaching Hermoso within a 200-metre radiusBeside Communicate with her During the investigation of the case opened by this law during the World Cup awards ceremony.

In his order, the judge rejected the Public Prosecution’s request to impose a regular court appearance on Rubiales, as well as the request of the player’s lawyer, who is responsible for the Public Prosecution’s provisional seizure of the accused’s assets.

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