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The Walt Disney Company He will turn 100 in 2023, so to celebrate in November he will be arriving at Cinemas One from all over the world film A musical titled “Wish” tells the story of a 17-year-old girl who lives with her grandfather and mother in a place where her wishes come true.

The name of the film is inspired by the wannabe star who usually appears in many scenes of the company’s most popular films, which feature films for the whole family. Below, we share the movie’s release date, cast, plot and other information.

What day is the movie “Wish” in theaters?

So far it is known that it will arrive in theaters in the United States on November 24, so it is possible that it will arrive in Peru on November 23. No changes have been announced yet in this regard, so the date remains the same.

What is the plot of “Desire”?

The film, which also has great musical moments, takes place in the magical kingdom of Rosas, where Asha lives, a young woman who cares deeply about the needs of her community, but above all her family.

So one day, while Asha is thinking about what is happening where she lives, the young woman decides to ask the sky for a wish which causes a small ball of energy called a star to appear so that together they can solve everything that is happening. In the world the site and whether it is possible to fulfill your request.

The cast of the series “Desire”

  • Alan Tudyk (Valentino)
  • Ariana DeBose (Asha)
  • Chris Pine (King Magnifico)
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Trailer for the movie “Wish”

When will ‘Wish’ be released on Disney Plus?

There is no specific date yet, when the film will premiere in cinemas around the world. Although it will likely be available at the beginning of 2024, remember that to watch it you must have a streaming service and a mobile phone, iPad or TV.

It should be noted that the premiere of “Wish” in theaters is very special because the film was made to celebrate the anniversary of the company that has surprised adults and children for many years with amazing stories that, despite the passage of time, remain relevant. .

What other movies will Disney release in 2023?


It is a movie based on Marvel comic characters. The film revolves around Captain Marvel regaining her identity and also taking revenge on the Supreme Intelligence. These decisions cause the universe to suffer some consequences, so to save the planet she will have to join forces with two other people.

release date: November 9.

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