Anto Roccuzzo introduced his personal trainer and was surprised to show his specialty

Antonella Roccuzzo He surprised his followers on Monday with an eye-catching workout. Since her arrival in Miami, United States, she has been a businesswoman and wife Lionel Messi He’s adjusted to his new routine in South Florida. However, he never gave up his healthy habits, between walks and family outings, especially, Playing sports is the thing that defines her identity This gave something to talk about in the last hours to post on social networks.

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This is the gym where Anto Roccuzzo trains

Daily, Roccuzzo shares different photos of his daily life on InstagramMost of them are related to sports. From clothes to yoga techniques, it shows a part of your personality and the things that really matter to you.

In line with this, on this occasion He showed in a short video the gym he frequents, Which is specific to a specific part of the body. buttocks lab, is the name of the site curated by Brett Contreras. In the footage, he toured part of the facilities and explained the details of the work elements. This place is important because it is intended for women onlySo the exercise focuses only on them and the goal of improving those specific muscles.

“Building buttocks with Anto,” Roccuzzo’s partner celebrated with a photo with the businesswoman on Instagram(Source: Instagram/@perezjulianew)

Anto’s presence in the gym caused a stir among his teammates, who quickly echoed his time spent in Brett’s demanding classes. It should also be noted that in addition to students, The teacher also took a photo with the mother of Thiago, Mateo and Ciro.

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Anto Roccuzzo, in a green T-shirt, with his teammates in the gym

In a later video, Anto appeared with all his friends, with the gym logo behind them. “I have a team that grows and grows”And Brett celebrated, referring to Missy’s wife and the large group of students who witnessed the class.

As for the look Roccuzzo used in that pure rehearsal on Monday, She opted for a lemon color tracksuit top with black leggings. And the hair is tied. Unlike other occasions, here she preferred not to appear in full training in front of the camera, as the rest of the women present did.

About coach Anto Roccuzzo, Brett Contreras is one of the most famous people in the state and across the countryAccording to its author’s website: Booty from Britt. On his social networks, he promotes his gym and the techniques he uses to strengthen his glutes from scratch, a job he has been leading for more than Twenty-three years of experience.

Brett Contreras, coach Anto Roccuzzo(Source: Instagram/@bretcontreras1)

Contreras wrote a book emphasizing the exercises needed to keep your glutes firm. In addition, he noted that he created the world’s first comprehensive training system in this field, thanks to his doctorate and previous research.

while, GLUT Laboratory [Laboratorio de glúteos] Specializes in an online strength and conditioning program for women that caters to all fitness levels, From new beginners to strength training to professional competitors..

As if that wasn’t enough, trainer Anto Roccuzzo has chosen a podcast series, where he offers tips and routines to maintain and maintain that muscle in the body. Once, Also included are virtual classes with paid membershipsincluding what is personal, It costs $119 per month, which is equivalent to 43,435 Argentine pesos For official change yet.


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