Windows 11 removes the classic Start menu option

.’s latest update Windows 11 (Version 22000.65) Brings little news other than small improvements and bug fixes. However, users who are accustomed to the classic start menu on the left side of the taskbar will not be able to choose this option, not even edit the registry.

Windows 11 removes the classic Start menu option

Microsoft has decided to eliminate any kind of possibility to go back to the classic menu on the left side of the taskbar. Now, all Windows 11 users only have the possibility to use the new start menu and taskbar of this operating system, which is fully focused.

One of the main novelties, at first glance, is the start menu in the center of the taskbar, which seems to be the hallmark of Microsoft’s new operating system.

For users who have been testing Windows 11 On their computers, there was a “trick” to be able to get the classic start menu back as in Windows 11, which was to enter the Windows registry (Regedit). There we had Create a DWORD (32-bit) value call “Start_ShowClassicMode” And putting it on 1 in the string: HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerAdvanced

Windows 11

The modification was rather minor, but with the latest update released for Windows 11 (version 22000.65), this modification is no longer valid.

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Is it a big problem? It is possible that the community itself creates mods to be able to have the classic menu as in Windows 10. In fact, in Windows 10 there are tools to be able to make the start menu as focused as in Windows 11.

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In the past, Microsoft actually had some annoyance when it wanted to make drastic tweaks to the start menu, remember Windows 8 and the tiled start menu. However, only the site’s start menu has changed here, so it shouldn’t be shocking. In any case, the best thing is to give the option of being able to have a more customizable operating system and allow the start menu to be in the location that the users want. Someone who wants their classic start menu in Windows 11 will find a way to get it using third-party tools, so this limitation doesn’t make much sense. what do you think?

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