Pope Francis prayed the angel from the hospital balcony as he entered: “Thank you all, I have felt your prayers”

Video: Pope Francis saluting from the hospital balcony

The Pope Francisco It was his first public appearance since last week’s surgery on Sunday, and he greeted supporters from the hospital balcony.

The 84-year-old Francisco is recovering, according to the Vatican, after an operation scheduled for July 4 to remove part of his large intestine. on Sunday, Her voice sounded a bit weak as she greeted a small crowd outside Gemelli Polyclinic at noon.. This was the time when he would traditionally have appeared from the window of the Vatican overlooking St Peter’s Square.

Francisco said thatI was very sorry for your closeness and support for your prayers“.

Thanks from my heart!“The Pope shouted. He said his hospitalization was an opportunity to understand.”How important is a good health service, within everyone’s reach, as in Italy and in other countries. “

“We must not lose this precious thing,” the Pope said, expressing his appreciation and encouragement to all health workers and hospital workers.

The crowd cheered encouragingly. I was Surrounded by some young children on the balcony they are hospital patients.

Believers and the press outside the medical center (Reuters)

Before praying the evangelism, he reviewed a passage from the Gospel talking about the anointing of the sick at the hands of Jesus of Nazareth, which helped him talk about his own experience during these days of convalescence in the Roman hospital. “In these days of treatment, I have experienced how important a good health service is within everyone’s reach, like those in Italy and in other countries. A health system that ensures good service is accessible to all‘, he said. ‘We must not lose these precious assets.’ He shouted. We must preserve it! And for this we must all strive, because it serves all and requires the contribution of all.”

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In this sense, the Pope recognized that “sometimes” in the Church it happens that some health institutions are not working well due to economic reasons or poor management and “the first thing that comes to mind is selling them”. “The call of the church is not to earn money, but to do service, and service is always free. Save the free foundations“, He said.

Francis emerged from his specially equipped papal apartment on the tenth floor of the hospital, just as did John Paul II, who also prayed and waved from the angel from the tenth floor during his occasional stay. During his arrest in 1996, the Polish pope laughed that after many occasions, my beauties became “Vatican number three” after St. Peter’s and the summer house at Castel Gandolfo.

Francisco He bent down on a pulpit and raised his hand in blessing.

The Pope performed a hemicolectomy on July 4 due to a “severe” stricture — a stenosis — in the large intestine, according to a Vatican report. If there are no complications, he will remain at Gemelli, which has a private suite for parents, until the end of the week. “His Holiness Pope Francis had a quiet day feeding and moving independently”, The Director of the Press Room of the Holy See said: Matteo BruniIn the latest statement issued this afternoon.

“He underwent routine examinations, microbiological tests and computed tomography of the chest and abdomen, which were negative”The Vatican spokesman added.

Francisco will have to spend another day in the hospital, if there are no complications.

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The Vatican said that Thursday afternoon he presided over a mass in the papal wing “with all those who helped him during his hospitalization”.

The Argentine pope was generally in good health, although in his youth he had his lung lobe removed due to an injury. He also suffers from sciatic nerve pain, which makes him walk with an obvious limp.

(With information from AP and AFP)

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