Why should you charge for the data you create online

“We must move in the direction of having more rights about our data,” says Pablo Foncellas. The business school professor asserts that this will be an “increasingly intense source of regulation” in the coming years. In this regard, it raises the amount of valuable data produced by Internet users.

Some countries are trying to answer this question. Canada provided an estimate of the data generated online by its citizens. “The result was between 105 and 150 billion euros, which is between 6 and 9% of GDP,” Foncilas replied.

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Towards ‘digital supremacy’

Likewise, governments are increasingly in favor of “digital sovereignty” of data, as long as it is stored and processed in each country. In this sense, the innovation promoter advocates that this type of information should work “as soon as possible” from where it is produced.

The Absolute explains the rule that should also apply in the case of digital twins, “computer-generated replicas of reality that are used to predict what will happen in our physical world.” These mirror worlds are the result of the creation of a new dimension that relies on data storage and analysis and “has many uses”.

Business School Professor and Famous Mentor Pablo Fonsilsa


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