China ordered the systematic disinfection of foreign mail: they believe a letter from Canada brought the micron variant into the country

Postal Service China Today it ordered its employees to systematically disinfect incoming mail from abroad, after the authorities raised the hypothesis of this A message from Canada could have transmitted a micron variable to the country.

  • Less than three weeks before the start Winter Olympics Authorities in Beijing fear that the “zero Covid” policy will be undermined by a series of limited outbreaks that have been detected in the country, AFP reports.
  • Infections are under control in China, but for a few weeks it has been facing some sporadic outbreaks, despite the fact that the number of new daily cases is rarely more than 200.

Before the impending celebration of Winter Olympics Beijing is trying to protect itself from the alternative micron By preventing people from entering the areas where cases are registered and requiring recent negative checks, in addition to asking residents not to leave the city during the upcoming Spring Festival holiday.

But last Saturday, the capital identified the first case of the infectious micron variant of a person who received a letter from Canada that showed traces of the virus.

The infection was detected in the Haidian district of the Chinese capital, where many technology companies’ headquarters are located.

Authorities have begun testing the occupants of the apartment building in which the patient lives, as well as some nearby offices.

moreover, Restricting access to 17 places related to the infected person, according to the French agency.

The announcement of the first infection came hours after authorities in the southern city of Zhuhai, on the border with Macau, announced the night before the discovery of a mild patient and six asymptomatic patients with this variant of a massive test among them. Residents released from a case in a nearby city.

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As a result, bus lines have been suspended in some neighborhoods and their 2.4 million residents have been told not to leave Zhuhai “unless necessary”.

Meanwhile, beauty salons, gyms and cinemas have been closed since last Thursday.

17 days before the Winter Olympics in Beijing, which will be held from February 4-20, China is on alert: millions of residents, in different cities, are confined to their homes, many domestic flights have been canceled and some factories are closed for prevention.

Yesterday the Postal Service published a regulation requiring employees to disinfect all packages received from abroad and requiring that workers handling such shipments receive a booster dose of an antiviral vaccine.

In addition, citizens were invited to reduce their orders and purchases from “countries and regions with high risk of infection with the Covid virus,” the China Postal Service announced.

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