Why it’s important to update your iPhone to iOS 17 as soon as possible

The new iPhone update allows you to add functionality to improve users’ quality of life. (Manzana)

this week, Manzana Enable download iOS 17 With this OS update comes completely new and improved functionality.

Avoid updating internal control Department in iPhone Due to lack of space or just neglect, it carries repercussions that may seem insignificant at first, but over time they may turn into problems.

First, intentionally choosing to stop updates will cause a recurring cycle. every day, iPhone It will send reminders to users to update at some point during the day (usually suggesting doing this overnight). In this way, one enters new pattern Daily, which consists of keeping the system without updating, with at least one daily outage.

iOS 17 is enabled starting this week. (Manzana)

Failed to update all devices Manzana to later versions can lead to incompatibility issues between applications and services. An example of this is syncing notes or reminders ICloudwhich depends on whether the cell phone has the latest version or not internal control Department. If not updated, the user will not be able to access their notes on other devices.

Of course, one of the most important aspects is security. Manzana It performs updates to protect against vulnerabilities and threats that arise periodically.

If older versions persist, users will not be protected against malware attacks. Phishing And other types of Malware. It will not be possible to enjoy the latest developments in both software and hardware. Manzana.

1. Go For composition

2. Scroll down and tap general

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3. Then click system update

4. You should see a notification about it iOS 17 It is available for download and installation.

5. Touch Download and install also Install now

6. The user may be asked to enter his data password And accept terms and conditions.

7. Download and installation may take some time, depending on your Internet connection.

8. Once the update is complete, you’ll see a welcome screen and some suggestions to set up your iPhone to take advantage of the new features in iOS 17.

iPhone models compatible with iOS 17. (Apple)

Many new features have been launched, including some that help improve your privacy and security.

The Phone app is essential to the iPhone experience and is getting a major update that makes important calls stand out even more.

This is what calls look like with the new iOS 17. (Camel)

the Contact stickers Customs provides a new way for users to express themselves by customizing how they appear when calling known contacts, even in third-party calling apps. It can be customized with photos, Memoji, attractive fonts and colors.

Users can now leave a video or audio message playing Confrontation time To capture exactly what they mean when they call someone Unavailable.

FaceTime now supports video and audio messaging so when users call someone who’s unavailable, they can share a moment or message they can enjoy later.

Calls now contain interactions such as hearts, balloons, fireworks and lasers that can be activated with simple gestures and are also available with compatible third-party video conferencing apps, such as Zoom in And webex From Cisco.

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A full-screen experience with viewable information, designed to be viewed from a distance while your iPhone is on its side while charging. Can be customized to display a variety of watch styles, favorite photos, or… Widgetsincluded Smart stackswhich appears Widgets Right at the right time.

The standby function in iOS 17 displays essential gadgets while the cell phone is charging. (Manzana)

Likewise, it displays live activities in full screen mode, and their results Siriand larger incoming calls and notifications. With the always-on display, it displays useful information and with Night Mode, it adapts to low light, so you can view photos and photos Widgets They acquire a red tone.

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