Gavin Cook, the UK Ambassador to Peru, made a gastronomic trip to Lima: he cooked and tasted emblematic dishes

Prior to the release of this video, Gavin Cook had already expressed his fascination with Peruvian gastronomy. (UK Embassy in Peru)

From the moment of his birth, Gavin's life was closely linked to the art of cooking, since his family name, He cooksIt already seemed a harbinger of his culinary destiny. Every time someone calls him, he feels a spark of pride and responsibility, as if an inner voice is whispering to him that he is destined to learn the art of cooking from different cultures and share it with the world.

For some time now, the art of gastronomy has been running intensely in the veins of this foreign national; This was no wonder, since he had the venerable title of “Cook.” It seems that every recipe, every flavor, is written in its destiny. Although he carried the title of Chef by inheritance, his true passion has always been to dine and enjoy every dish. This dedication has been embraced enthusiastically ever since you've been living it Peruenjoying the rich and diverse gastronomy that the country has to offer.

But who is Gavin Cook and why has he attracted the attention of Peruvians in recent years? The lover of Peruvian cuisine has been the UK Ambassador to Peru since April 2022. Since then, he has been very active on the social network X, a platform through which he shares messages and photos related to our country's culture.

Peruvian dishes I tried in Peru. (Captured by: Gavin Cook X)

In conversation with Peru information, born in Ipswich (England), mentioned his favorite tourist attractions and praised Peru. “I love having the opportunity to travel and experience the regions of Peru. I love Huaraz and Iquitos. (…) I love Machu Picchu and Huaca del Sol. Peruvians have tremendous hospitality that I have not seen in any other country.”

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It should be noted that the diplomat was impressed not only by Peru's stunning landscapes, but also by its diverse cuisine. From the freshness of ceviche, to the intensity of aji di galina, to the variety of anticucho, each soup awakens an unparalleled charm.

He shares some of his experiences on his X account, and his messages and photos reveal how much he enjoys this part of the American continent. In this sense it is appropriate to announce this UK Embassy in Peru He posted a video in which you can see Cook cooking, tasting and once again being surprised by the flavors of the emblematic Peruvian dishes.

In the photo you can see the ambassador cooking. (Captured by: Gavin Cook X)

Before the video was published on the official X account of the UK Embassy in Peru, Gavin Cook He has already expressed his fascination with Peruvian gastronomy. Proof of this is his posts on the above-mentioned social network. “Thank you for your recommendations! I chose humita cheese, smoked meats with sweet plantain and cocillo with cane honey. It was delicious,” the ambassador wrote. In the post you can see the dishes he ate.

His passion for Peruvian cuisine caught the attention of producers who did not hesitate to consider him for a TV show. On September 1, the British ambassador wrote the following on his social network: “Unfortunately, @HarryStyles was a bit busy and couldn't participate in #TheBigFamousChef, so I came to the rescue. With a name like “Cook” (cooking in Spanish) it made a lot of sense Don't miss this episode of @GranChefFamosos dedicated to the UK.

Now, in a video released by the UK Embassy, ​​history lovers can be seen in a new face; No longer as a chef, but as a chef. In the first seconds of the audio-visual material, the diplomat appears inside the Entre Kausas, Chicharronería Rodri and Picarones Valeri stores, located in the Lima district of Lima. Sorkelo.

Memorable moments from the video released by the UK Embassy in Peru. (Photo by: Account X of the UK Embassy in Peru)

Then, Cook spoke a few words in a sequence. “Fresh ceviche, fresh ceviche!” he shouted excitedly inside the ceviche kitchen. Later, outside the window of another restaurant, he said: “Picarones!”

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Entre Kausas cevicheria was the first place Gavin Cook visited. “This is where the magic happens.”The ambassador said, referring to the local cuisine. After preparing a case, he sits down to eat rice with seafood: “It's like a work of art that I don't want to break,” he says before taking his first bite. As he tried another dish, he made an approving gesture and exclaimed, “I'm going to die now. Great!”

Later, the road took him to Rodri's chicharroneria, where he did not cook, but was able to skillfully prepare bread using chicharrones. Later he tried the soup and said, “The flavor is as good as or even richer than the smell.”

The foodie has been the UK Ambassador to Peru since April 2022.

Finally, the cook said to Valerie's picarones: “Now there's time for picarones. There's always a little room.” Then he went into the kitchen to make the dough, cut a hole in the picarones and fry them. Although he couldn't form the silhouette of the food, he dipped it in Hot oil anyway. “Excellent! “It is almost impossible to see the difference between the three,” he commented with good humor and sarcasm.

Moments later, he was seen carefully examining the picarons placed on a plate next to the chancaca honey. So each one of them took his hand and said: “Okay.” Finally, he tried the dessert next to the chef and said, “Wow! Success!” When he said those words, he gave a thumbs up in agreement.

The UK Ambassador to Peru took delight in the richness of Peruvian gastronomy, enjoying every dish with enthusiasm. But beyond tasting coca, picarón or chicharrón, she has taken on the mission of making our culinary culture known to the world. This dedication has earned him the love and admiration of a section of the population, which celebrates his genuine interest and love for our traditions.

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