The player receives an unexpected message when trying to purchase Battlefield V on Steam

What ended up surprising Reddit users.

Although it is not in the best shape right now, we can say that Battlefield is one of the hottest franchises in our sector.

The Battlefield franchise may not be at its best, which is only natural after the disastrous launch of Battlefield 2042, but the truth is that in that time it has given us several titles that deserve to be considered part of the best games ever. However, there are still many users who love this saga, who continue to enjoy its most classic titles, and even the latest titles that were wasted at the time, After many updates we can say that it is very interesting.

Today we are going to talk about a strange case, that is, as you can see in the following Reddit post, a user His best friend bought Battlefield V for his birthday, using Steam’s popular game gifting feature. So far so good, but when the friend decided to try to open the gift, the unexpected letter indicated in the title was found.

Specifically, as you can see for yourselves, you can see the typical window when you accept the gift, which was explained above as being successful, but “Access is denied” appears below.. Fortunately, as this user explains, he has the game in his library, and can download it normally, so we can say that it is a complete mystery.

A friend of mine BFV gifted me for my birthday, I kissed him and saw this message (I still got the game)
byu/absolutely radical insteam

Of course, this is likely to be a simple system bug, and as the user mentions in a comment on this post, Steam may have detected 2 clicksthus he already accepted the gift, which is why he was denied access the second time.

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When will Battlefield bounce back?

Many fans of the franchise They have been waiting for a long time for her to return to splendorIn fact, we have enough information to confirm that this will happen. However, various reports at this time confirmed that this saga is being worked on to reappear as the phoenix. Unfortunately, it’s completely impossible to know when we’ll get this one, though It is clear that EA most likely has this intention.

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