Why is it celebrated today?

he commerce It has always been associated with progress, prosperity and commercial development. Argentine trade has always been, is and will be the engine of vital energy for millions of people.

Besides the commerce It is a source of work, wealth and collective well-being.

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Over time, July 10th has been used to honor the country’s commercial trade, but it’s worth pointing out that Business employee day It is celebrated on September 26th.

In this way, with the passage of time, the date of 10 July was chosen to commemorate the trade and the profession of merchants became an annual custom.

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What is the Argentine Stock Exchange and what do they do in it?

Founded on July 10, 1854, the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange (BCBA) is the largest stock exchange and major commercial and financial center of the Argentine Republic. Its transactions are mainly shares of important foreign and national multinational companies, bonds, currencies and futures contracts.

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