Windows Update has restored all updates from Windows 95 onwards

If you have an older Windows PC, Windows Update Restored gives you access to the latest version.

Microsoft is doing everything it can to get everyone to Windows 11, but many users have other plans. Restore Windows Update It is a new community service that has started to collect All updates for older Windows systems, from Windows 95 onwards.

Prior to the widespread acceptance of the Internet, Windows did not update automatically. I have to go to Windows Update Web siteAnd Download the patches yourself What do you want to prove?

Microsoft removed this system in 2011, but a group of users brought it back under the name Restore Windows Update.

Windows update as in the nineties

Maybe you have an old computer with outdated Windows. from Restore Windows Update You will be able to update it as before: connect to the computer, search for, download and install the update.

Offline progress Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98, and Windows SE updates. But they work to include those who Windows Me, 2000, XP and Vista.

there Standard updates, security, drivers, and peripherals, etc. These are the old sites offered by Microsoft, with the same content. With it no longer available and outdated operating systems, we don’t think Microsoft will give it a touch. Its creators claim that The purpose of the project is educational and historical archiving.

In this video you have a tutorial for use:

A curious detail is that in order to install these updates, you must do so from The good old Internet Explorer. If you don’t have it, you can also download it here.

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With Internet Explorer, it can evaluate which version of Windows you have installed, and only offer you the updates your old PC needs.

Whether out of curiosity, practical or educational reasons, or to see how Windows was updated 25 years ago, the project Restore Windows Update It turned out very interesting. You can access from here to your website.

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