Why is changing WhatsApp color a risk

The app lets you change the background, but not the design.

If there is something that users currently like to do, it is to customize their mobile phones, so that they buy cases in their favorite colors or with characters from a series they like, and do the same with the internal configuration of the phone, modifying the design of icons and applications. But just in case The WhatsApp It cannot be done locally and online options are not secure.

The recommendation that is usually found on the web to get the application with a custom design by changing the menu style, letter and color, is to download and install WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp, YOWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, WhatsApp Aero, Soula WhatsApp on the cell phone, MBWhatsApp, WhatsApp + JiMODs or HeyWhatsApp.

All these are unofficial versions of the platform Goal, Which copies its design and operation, but poses a security risk to users for various reasons.

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These types of applications can be obtained in Google Play Store And app store, which may indicate that they are safe. But the fact that they are in one of those stores does not mean that everything will be fine in the future.

The WhatsApp It is an application designed by a company that is responsible for making updates and correcting any problems that may arise. But it is not known exactly to whom versions of the versions belong, so it is not clear how their developers work and how they process data.

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The messaging platform for many users is the center of operations in their daily lives and there they have private conversations where there is sensitive information, because many times we send addresses, bank account passwords, intimate photos, photos of documents or files that belong to the job.

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The app lets you change the background, but not the design.

for this reason Goal It is responsible for ensuring that this data is protected with End-to-end encryption It allows everything spoken and sent in a chat to stay there and no one else, not even the same company, can access that information “trapped” in the devices of the users participating in the personal or group chat.

But in transcription applications, the use of encryption, which is the main privacy tool today, cannot be guaranteed. This means that the information in chats can be seen by anyone or managed by the app developer.

Another important point is that any application requests a series of permissions to work, such as access to the camera, contact list, and calls. However, by giving these permissions to an anonymous platform, the risk becomes greater, because they can not only view our conversations, but also control our text messages, camera, or allowed functions.

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The app lets you change the background, but not the design.

application for Goal It has two “colors”, which are the light and dark mode. The first shows the traditional design with a white background and green menus, while the second shows everything in a more black color and some green details.

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This option is used by some to protect their eyes, for convenience, or for fun. To modify this section, you must go to the three dots in the upper right corner, then to Settings> Chats> Topic and there choose one of the two options.

But in the event that you want to have an image that will decorate a conversation or all of it, it is possible to configure the design directly from The WhatsApp. So we go to a conversation, press the three dots in the upper right and then choose the background, either a private or pre-designed image, for that conversation or modify it for everyone.

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