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Yoridan Martinez surprised the entire continent when last January he became the winner of season No. 7 “Extallon USA”. That Cuban boy who came on to replace an injured man in the sixth edition passed every test every week, and in the final all he had to do was repeat his work.

Now that he has gained notable popularity among the Latino community, Telemundo has once again trusted him to be a part of the “All-Stars” season that begins airing in September this year. The young man wants to win his second title in a row, and this will depend on him and his physical condition in each competition. will you do it?

Yuridan Martinez during the recordings of the new season of “Exatlón Unidos” (Photo: Yuridan Martinez/Instagram)

1. His early years

The young man, born in Havana, Cuba, lived a childhood surrounded by his family and sports, where he played football for many years in the small sections of some local teams in the capital of the Central American country.

At the age of 12, he went to live with his family in Spain, where he did not do poorly in sports, playing baseball throughout his youth, and becoming an athlete with a lot of expectations for what he did.

2. Air change

In 2017, Yoridan Martinez made a big decision in his life: to go live alone in the United States, specifically to California, a country that, fortunately for him, gave him greater opportunities, such as “Exatlón Unidos”.

3. He chased his dream, but…

As mentioned, Yridan used to play baseball in Spain, but now he wants to do it professionally and try his luck in the MLB. Although he tried and came close to achieving it, he did not finally achieve his dream and was forced to start looking for new horizons.

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4. Enter “EXATLON US”

In the middle of the show’s 2022 season, in October, Yridan Martinez was approached by Telemundo Productions to enter the competition to replace Junior Diaz, who was unable to continue on the program due to injury.

The young man immediately headed to the islands of the Dominican Republic, where the program was recorded. His participation was very special, as he finished among the top four, which allowed him to ride the car and participate in the next edition of the show, titled “All Stars.”

Yuridan Martinez during the sixth season of “Exatlón Unidos” (Photo: Yuridan Martinez/Instagram)

5. He was canonized as a hero

In the 2022-2023 season of “Exatlón Unidos”, Telemundo brought together the best competitors in each edition to face each other in different elimination events to determine who will be the champion.

To everyone’s surprise, a newbie like Yoridan Martinez made it to the final of the show, so he had to face Javier Cintron, who had already been champion before, so he was seen as the favorite.

However, Yoridan Martinez gave the surprise and defeated his opponent in the final round and was crowned champion and owner of the $200,000 prize.

When Yuridan Martinez won the 2022-2023 season for “Exatlón Unidos” (Photo: Yuridan Martinez/Instagram)

6. Experience in other programs

Unlike the other participants in this season of “Exatlón Unidos”, Yuridan has no previous experience in reality shows or competition shows, so he is someone very connected to Telemundo production.

7. What do you do?

Yoridan Martinez is seen devoting himself to social networks, so he has to upload content from time to time. His focus is on fitness, he is also a coach and sports fan, so it is no surprise that he was victorious in the last edition.

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