R.United. UK considering using army to replace customs security forces on strike – Spain

About 500 British army soldiers could begin five-day training on November 21 to replace striking Border Force officials at the country’s ports and airports, according to Home Office sources.

The initiative comes after Thursday’s vote in favor of the strike sanctioned by the General and Commercial Services Union that represents border guards across the country.

However, there are still parties to be resolved regarding this deployment because, according to ‘The Guardian’ sources, using the military for this purpose is a sensitive issue since they will turn the military into a swarm force and could end up dealing with complex issues such as recoil in the arrival of migrants. via the English Channel.

The Home Office has to request assistance from the defense under the Civil Authorities Military Assistance Protocol, leaving the final signature in the hands of the current holder of the last pouch, Ben Wallace.

Currently, the union’s general secretary, Mark Sirotka, has described the interior’s request as “desperation” by the current minister, Suila Braverman. “The army makes it clear that it does not want to waste time covering up the government’s mistakes,” he said.

“Instead of looking for increasingly desperate solutions, the government should sit with us at the negotiating table and agree on a fair wage increase,” he added.

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