When it is possible to use airplane mode and not in flight

This function cuts off access to mobile networks. (Unsplash)

he Flight mode It is a tool that users usually only use when they are on a flight, but there are more times when you can take advantage of it to solve performance problems or use social networks.

This function consists in turning off all cellular network connections, so it will not have a mobile signal to receive calls or connect to data, but it will have Wi-Fi, which opens up other possibilities for its use.

Here we leave a list of those advantages that airplane mode has, other than being functional during flight, which is its main purpose.

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Mobile signal is one feature that consumes the most battery On a cell phone, so it is very useful to save battery percentage by activating airplane mode and then reviewing calls or messages.

In addition, the cell phone can be connected to Wi-Fi to maintain an Internet connection.

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This function cuts off access to mobile networks. (Unsplash)

Advertising in mobile video games only works when there is an internet connection, so by cutting those connections with Flight mode You will be able to enjoy the games without ads popping up constantly, which in some cases hinder the experience.

This must be taken into account because in some titles rewards are given for viewing ads, so those rewards will be cut off.

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It helps shorten charging times because connections and other functions are limited, which helps the cell phone to perform fewer operations simultaneously. This is especially useful when you are out and about and need to charge your phone faster.

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Here are two cases. On the one hand, in The WhatsApp There will be no history of reading messages or appearing online, as the application will be entered without the Internet. However, it must be borne in mind that if a message is sent, it will remain on hold until the Airplane Mode is deactivated.

to instagram The advantage is being able to see the stories without the other person noticing. Since there is no network connection, you can see the content and there is no history, although before you do that you have to check Loading Story at the top of the app and then enter to see it.

This function cuts off access to mobile networks. (Unsplash)

On many occasions, the best way to solve a problem with a mobile device is to restart it. If a situation like this is presented with the phone network and the Internet, the first option to resolve it is to activate and deactivate Airplane Mode.

Doing so will restart all mobile phone connections and this can help resolve the signal loss error, without having to turn the cell phone off and on again.

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Many parents lend their children their mobile phones to play or watch videos, and one of the ways to prevent them from making calls or sending messages by mistake is to activate the Airplane mode, since this function is active they will not be able to do so.

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