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Five years ago warehousing service The Google Offer to save your private photos and videos for free, at which time they were deposited More than 4 billion photos On the cloud. But all good things come to an end, and the deadline for the free service has come.

Before choosing some of the free alternatives available, remember that stock photos and videos Before June 1, they will still be included in the old free plan. So, if you still have photos of your last vacation in your camera’s memory, you can take advantage of the free last hours Free to download.

If you want to know when you are close to your free storage limit, you can find out from the Network of The Google Pictures. All you have to do is go to the settings of your account and click Survey management To know your current position.

View storage status from settings The Google Pictures

Free alternatives to The Google Pictures

In addition to OneDrive services available to Mincrosoft, s Amazon PicturesThere are many photo and video storage options available online that allow you to save your memories Without fees:

1) Mega: Cloud storage offers Up to 50 GB of free useIn addition, you can download public content from other users. The paid members will be able to expand their storage space.

2) Terrapux: The service of Chinese origin is offered to users Free space up to 1 TB. While not offering many features designed specifically for photos, the free storage space is generous.

3) Flickr: The platform is popular with online photography circles Offers 1 TB of storage When creating “special strongholds”. Of course, photos of more than 200MB are not allowed to be uploaded.

4) Hardware storage: If the options available on the Internet do not meet your needs, you can always go back to the classics and save your own photos and videos On external memory or CD (Yes, they still exist.)

To retrieve the content saved in The Google Official page photos The Google Takeout permite Make a copy of all files On your cloud to the destination of your choice. You just have to select the option. ” The Google Pictures’ when you choose the data to include and you can perform the transfer.

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