When another heir to the throne studied in Wales and ended up speaking Gaelic

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It is new today. There wasn’t much talk this Wednesday about a vaccine or infection, but all the media focus on it, Princess Eleanor. Royal house She informed that the heir to the throne would study her high school outside of Spain. Exactly in Wales (UK), in the most prestigious The UWC Atlantic From Wales, UK. It is a private international school and a member of the UWC movement located in the Glamorgan Valley. The Kings wanted to make it clear that they would be the ones to spend € 76,500 for each session in this institution.

Controversial aside, the intriguing thing is that Leonor is not the first heir to the throne they send to Wales to study. Anyone who enjoyed this great Netflix series the crown You’ll learn that Prince Charles went to Wales in 1969 for a stint at university. exactly Aberystwyth. It was not an accidental decision. The Queen commanded him in the months before he became Prince of Wales, when he was only twenty, and institutional relations with the British nation were more tense than ever. It is the sixth chapter of the third eponymous season Prince of Wales, Which means nothing but the Prince of Wales in Gaelic.

At the time, Carlos’s work was more institutional than academic. He wasn’t there because it was the best university, but because he had to get to know a region that was getting poorer and growing nationalism. His arrival unleashed a wave of protests. The heir is persona non grata and must reflect him. This is your test. This is the third season where the viewer gets to sympathize with Carlos and then hate him in the fourth season with Arrival Lady D.

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Shown here is his restorative work. This episode, one of the season’s best episodes, is a hymn to the UK’s multinationalism and how heir was one of the few who understood it. To achieve maximum parallelism, what happened with Carlos is as if Leonor had been sent to a town in Girona to study to settle ties with the growing independence movement. It may sound like a stretch, but this was a step they took strategically at the behest of Prime Minister Harold Wilson. That visit was to conclude with his speech as Prince of Wales, a parliament he delivered in the Gaelic language. Indeed, in a strange relationship between fact and fiction, Leonor is as well Princess Girona Just like Carlos was from Wales.

Not only did he have to learn the language, but he also had to learn its culture, traditions and people. the crown Explains how the teacher has been assigned Edward MillwardRepublican, nationalist and Welsh pro-independence. Two opposites that seem destined to hate each other. But the series was made Peter Morgan He always finds balance, explaining how they understood and saw everything from each other’s point of view.

Lady Sarah Spencer and Carlos are from England for a polo match in the late 1970s when they were a married couple.

In April of last year, Professor Millward passed away and Carlos sent a public statement stating that he was “very sad for the news” and that he “had very fond memories of my time in Aberystwyth with Dr. Millward, although I fear I was not the best student, I have learned.” He has a lot about the Welsh language and the history of Wales. ” Another example of the bond that formed between them, as it concerns the fiction of the platform.

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As always in the crownThere is an epic ending to the episode, and it is nothing but a speech in Gaelic in which he highlights “the honor of being received in Wales” and “opening our eyes to the perspective of Wales.” “Wales has a history to be proud of, and it is quite understandable that the Welsh wish to preserve their heritage, culture, identity and character as a nation. It is important that we respect that. Wells has its own identity, its identity, its character, its will, its voice.” A moment that does not please the Queen, who for three seasons has reminded us of the king’s most difficult task: to never show a political opinion.

The result of that historic moment was a record-breaking audience. More than 500 million people have watched BBC around the world and witnessed the moment when Prince Charles, only 20 years old, officially became the heir to the throne. Who knows if Leonor will come back speaking Gaelic when she finishes her high school abroad.

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